ownCloud Client 1.8.0 – New Features, Improvements and Performance Enhancements Make Collaborations Easier and Faster

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 3. April 2015

ownCloud is making it easier for users to share a file from their desktop for more efficient collaboration. How are we doing this? We now have an entry in the file manager’s context menu that allows users to share a file from the desktop by a public link, with password and expiration date. Why do you care? Now users have way more extensive sharing capabilities directly from their desktop, without having to log into ownCloud. While retaining security and auditability. Easier collaboration with full security and tracking – now that’s a big deal!

More great news: with the ownCloud Client 1.8.0 release we are improving on our already fast sync capabilities. What does this mean? We are using more parallel requests with the upcoming release of ownCloud Server 8.0.3. How did we manage this? We can now parallelize even more uploads, which means that we sync even faster than before (which was really fast!) – as well as take full advantage of user’s local bandwidth. Faster sync’s for improved performance and faster collaboration – a definite win: win.

Other enhancements include improvements in the ownCloud sync’s with MS Office and file locking, added support for the MacOSX HI DPI (high dots per inch) Retina displays and a ton of other enhancements including allowing the ability to enforce selective sync’s in branded apps.

Why do you care about all of this? Just another example of ownCloud listening to our customers and evolving to meet their needs. How can we help you meet your collaboration needs while leaving your data where it is and meeting your security and compliance requirements? Try this! And stay tuned for more great news coming soon!

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