ownCloud community continues to flex ownCloud’s flexibility

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 19. June 2013

REALLY delayed in pointing this out, so my apologies, but how cool is this? We wrote a while back about the community replacing Google reader with an ownCloud option – within days of Google dropping Reader. Well, now the community is working together to preemptively replace Google Contacts Sync.

“…Part 2 of our Say Sayonara to Google series, raising awareness of the options for using Android without Google services. Today, we look at alternative “cloud” services that are Open Source and can be installed on your own server. While there are no doubt many of these available, one that has gained significant attention recently is OwnCloud. OwnCloud is developed totally in the open (you can even clone and run directly from their Github repositories if you so desire, though this is obviously not recommended for running on a production system), in contrast to the “pseudo-open” development carried out on AOSP by Google.”

We’re flattered for sure because this shows just how easy it is to turn ownCloud into a flexible platform to do what needs to get done.

In just a few simple steps, ownCloud helps you replace proprietary, or expensive, or non-flexible tools. In fact, we just recently did a webinar on building ownCloud apps, take a listen to the replay and see how you can build your own ownCloud apps.

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