ownCloud Developers Meeting improves and polishes latest code

Posted by Snezana Feige – 11. June 2014

Core ownCloud developers meet several times a year to focus heads-down one week on improving and fine tuning ownCloud. Last week we had more than 20 developers meet in Stuttgart and Berlin, Germany to work on upcoming ownCloud releases.

We accomplished:

  • Significant speed improvement
  • UX and Design improvements and cleanup
  • Overlay sync icons
  • Polishing and fixes of latest features

Though very hard work, we had a blast and upcoming releases will be the best and most polished releases so far.

If you are interested in participating in ownCloud development than we have some great news. We just announced our first ownCloud Contributor Conference – strictly for those interesting in getting elbow deep in coding — in August in Berlin.

This is a great event where everyone who wants to develop ownCloud apps, improve the core, work on packaging, documentation, testing or design can join, work with the core developers and become a part of the world-wide community.

We expect more than 100 people so register and join.

Please fill out the form below to get your download.