On the Road Again! ownCloud is Heading to LinuxCon in Chicago

Posted by – 19. August 2014

Last week ownCloud was having fun in the sun down in San Diego for the Gartner Catalyst Conference, talking to businesses on how they can have secure file access, sync and control. Now we are headed to Chicago for LinuxCon, and boy do we have a busy week scheduled! Frank, our CTO, is scheduled to appear on two panels and give a separate talk, while Markus is scheduled for a panel with our friends at Red Hat. Check out the schedule below:

Wednesday August 20 3:30-4:20
Managing, Storing and Safeguarding Unstructured Data in a Cloudy, Regulated World Panel – Frank Karlitschek, ownCloud; Ric Wheeler, Red Hat; Moderated by Alex Williams

This panel, moderated by Alex Williams, will feature Ric Wheeler, Red Hat, Frank Karlitschek, ownCloud, and reporter Steven Vaughn-Nichols discussing ways to use public, private and hybrid clouds to manage, store and safeguard unstructured data, including data in regulated industries.

Thursday August 21 11:45am – 12:35pm
Are We Running Too Fast to the Public Cloud, Can Hybrid Help Us Run Faster? – Steven Vaughn-Nichols, ZDNet; Markus Rex, ownCloud; Ric Wheeler, Red Hat; Moderated By Gordon Haff, Red Hat

This panel, which will include former analyst now Cloud evangelist at Red Hat Gordon Haff (as moderator), ZDNet’s Steven Vaughn-Nichols, Markus Rex CEO of ownCloud and Red Hat’s Ric Wheeler debating the positives and pitfalls of a public cloud rush and the role hybrid clouds are playing in moving safely into the cloud. The panel will discuss legal, regulatory, and geographical implications.  If anyone is interested in cloud deployments, they shouldn’t miss this!

Thursday August 21 3:30-4:20
Getting Recognition for Your Open Source Project/Product – Sean Michael Kerner, InternetNews; Rikki Endsley, Red Hat; Frank Karlitschek, ownCloud; Mike Maney, ManeyDigital; Moderated By Joe ‘Zonker’ Brockmeier, Red Hat

Experts in Analyst, Press and community relations, including Sean Michael Kerner, Mike Maney, and Rikki Endsley will offer tips and insights into getting attention for OSS projects and products. The panel will also include ownCloud founder Frank Karlitschek for his insights on building a project. Moderated by Joe Brockmeier.

Friday August 22 10:45-11:35
Crushing Data Silos with ownCloud and GlusterFrank Karlitschek, ownCloud

More and more employees store company data in public and consumer-grade cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive or iCloud. The reason is that they provide convenient features to sync the files between devices. Users want to access all their data independently where they are and which device they currently use.On the other hand, more and more data is stored in isolated silos in these organizations — which makes it difficult for the employees to access and sync it in an optimal way.This talk presents how the combination of ownCloud and Gluster can be used to provide a hybrid and secure solution for this problem.

The first part gives an overview about a possible highly scalable architecture that is leveraging the power of Gluster.The second part of the talk gives an outlook of how this architecture can be used to provide a single data access engine for users to bridge the gap between internal data silos and a seamless user experience for users.

Be sure to drop by and catch one of our many panel sessions.

See you there! 

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