ownCloud – not the “millionth cloud company providing exactly the same proprietary service”

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 5. November 2012

Hopefully you’ve heard by now that we are hosting a contest asking users how they ownCloud. You haven’t? owncloud.com/share-your-owncloud-experience.
You have but haven’t responded yet? You are missing out on telling YOUR story and winning a FABULOUS prize!
Three days left – make sure to submit your story until Wednesday, November 7th.

Take Tim S. at Leakfree in the Netherlands. According to Tim:
“It is nice to have total control of your data, we don’t like trusting third party agents when it is not necessary. Plus it is open source, that is something we all nearly religiously believe in. Intellectual property is useless and slows down progress tremendously. It is nice to see something like this arise out of the community instead of the millionth cloud company providing exactly the same proprietary service.”
Thanks Tim.

Andrew W., UK said ownCloud made his life more productive / efficient / easy:
“By enabling me to access my files from wherever I was, on whatever platform enabled me to relax and not need to carry external storage devices with me all the time. My back is so much happier now that I don’t have multiple hard drives weighing me down.”
Thanks Andrew.

We’ve got a lot more great responses we’ll be sharing, as well as (hopefully) helpful tips on how businesses and personal users are using ownCloud to be more productive, be happier, save their back and perhaps even save the world from the Zombie apocalypse.

So tell us – how do YOU ownCloud?

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