ownCloud presents completely new version of the iOS App

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 26. June 2019

The new ownCloud iOS app introduces numerous brand new features like a new TLS certificate management system, enhanced file management, user functionality and integration options that result in improving security and convenience. The new ownCloud iOS app comes equipped with a blazing fast performance, high stability and reliability based on an overhauled app architecture. The new iOS App is available free of charge via the App Store.

The app makes navigating files and folders way easier. Multiple files can be selected, shared and uploaded simultaneously thus making daily tasks much faster. A short tap on the folder name opens a dropdown menu with all other parent folders giving users a better understanding of how the files are structured within the folder. Files can also be easily moved from other applications to ownCloud by dragging and dropping them directly into the application. This provides a seamless experience between the user’s existing apps and ownCloud within the iOS ecosystem.

The new app is fully compatible with the iOS Files app, which allows third-party applications such as MS Office to directly access files stored in ownCloud. Users can exchange their data between ownCloud and these applications, regardless of the format in which they are stored.

The built-in PDF reader enables full text searches, page previews and navigation via a visible table of contents that makes navigating large PDF files easy.

Tablet users can look forward to the support of iPad multitasking functions such as split screen view between various open apps.. Tablet users and desktop users are hence  one big step closer to each other due to the similar usability.

The Quick Access Panel promises a solid overview of user activities.Favorites, recently opened files, images, videos and PDFs can all be seen in one place, at a quick glance.

New options can also be found in the settings area of the app. In the event of technical challenges, the logging feature gives users the opportunity to investigate and find out for themselves where the problem lies. In order to provide a wide range of file formats, users can now automatically convert new file formats, such as HEIC, into common formats (JPEG) when uploading them.

More security through transparent certificate management

Privacy without security is worthless – users shouldn’t have to worry about hacker attacks to protect their data. That’s why ownCloud continues to focus on data security. In concrete terms, this means that the new iOS app offers users a detailed, meaningful summary of TLS certificates so that authenticity can be established beyond doubt and a well-founded decision can be made as to whether the certificates are trustworthy or not.

The improved background connectivity provides a better user experience for downloads, uploads and file management, even when there is no or an unstable Internet connection.

The decision to allow a TLS certificate with failed validation can also be reversed: The choice is stored together with a timestamp for later reference. A special certificate management section in the settings of the new app allows users to review previous decisions and revoke trust if necessary.

In addition to these larger functions, there are also some smaller additions worth mentioning: The new app supports password managers such as 1Password, which facilitates the implementation of stricter restrictions. The app informs the user about possible redirects during the authentication process in order to prevent login data from getting to the wrong pages.

OAuth2 authentication now uses SFAuthenticationSession according to RFC 8252 Best Practices. When users switch to another app, the app appears blurry in the iOS App Switcher. Last but not the least, access to the app itself can be restricted with a password or biometrically viaTouch ID or Face ID.

With the new iOS app, the ownCloud developers have succeeded in further increasing performance without compromising security. Features such as transparent certificate management ensure maximum protection, while makingfile-management easier. eamless integration with the iOS Files App provides a high level of usability and convenience. All in all, ownCloud users now have access to a mobile collaboration solution that can be expanded as they wish.

About ownCloud

ownCloud is the market leading open source content collaboration solution worldwide. ownCloud enables users to securely access and share data from any device, anywhere in the world. With more than 200,000 installations and 25 million users, ownCloud provides organizations a modern collaborative experience, thereby boosting productivity without compromising on security. At the same time, it gives organizations the visibility and control required to manage sensitive data.


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