ownCloud records rapid customer growth

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 24. February 2020

ownCloud Konferenz 2019

In 2019, ownCloud was able to win 120 new customers worldwide for the Business Edition of the file-sharing open source platform of the same name. This represents an increase of one hundred percent compared to the previous year.

The company sees the rapidly growing awareness of data sovereignty and the increasing data protection requirements of the DSGVO and comparable regulations in other countries as the main drivers of this rapid growth. As a result, more and more companies and government agencies are abandoning the services of US public cloud providers and implementing secure private cloud solutions for file exchange instead.

“The subject of data sovereignty has finally entered our minds. This applies to both public administration and the free economy. More and more decision makers are recognizing the implications of the US Cloud Act and the immense risk it poses for their data,” comments Tobias Gerlinger, CEO of ownCloud. “That’s why they are moving to manage files with intellectual property, legally relevant documents or personal data in their own clouds and thus protect them from unauthorized access. We offer them the leading solution for this”.

Holger Dyroff, who as COO is responsible for product development at ownCloud, adds: “Our product strategy has worked out perfectly. New innovative features have enabled us to win many new customers for ownCloud Enterprise. Demand is particularly high for Microsoft Office online server integration for collaborative document editing, copy protection for highly confidential documents and file lifecycle management, which enables compliance with data storage regulations and thus avoids severe penalties.”

For 2020, ownCloud expects further dynamic growth. Two developments in particular are likely to lead to a further increase in demand: firstly, the efforts to establish digital sovereignty for Europe in the context of Gaia-X; and secondly, the global data privacy trend resulting from government regulation of data storage as well as data processing and the related restriction of public cloud use.

With its multiple award-winning software, ownCloud is the world’s leading provider of open source solutions for secure data exchange. While the free version of the software is in use on over 100 million devices worldwide and continues to enjoy great popularity with over 1,000 downloads per month, more and more companies and public authorities are opting for the subscription-based Enterprise Edition. In addition to professional support, it offers an extended range of features.

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