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by ownCloud GmbH

posted on Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

posted in Press releases

Faster, easier and more robust – with enhanced control options for data sync and share

Boston,MA – September 4,2012 – Significantly faster uploading, downloading and syncing of files – even very large files, greater and more granular administrative control and even a presentation app are all the latest enhancements to the community edition of ownCloud, the popular open source file sync and share project, the beta of which was released today.

Built through active community support – the latest ownCloud adds innovative features like sub-admins for groups – the ability to assign a sub-administrator to a group to handle account management, desktop fast syncing – which reduces server load and enhances the sync algorithm for a faster, quicker, better sync with far less load on the server, enhanced permissions – more granular permissions so end users can determine who can do what with shared date, new user-management back ends, so ownCloud can authenticate against remote webdav, IMAP, Samba and FTP servers, and support of shared calenders – end users can view shared calendars across multiple devices.

With more than 600,000 users world-wide, ownCloud offers the ease-of-use of Dropbox, with the flexibility and security that can only be provided by software installed on site. ownCloud users can host their own data sync and share services on their own hardware and storage, use popular public hosting and storage offerings, or both.

The latest ownCloud also includes a new app to automatically update it and a basic HTML5 presentation program.

“This beta does a great deal to scale, enhance the user experience and increase control of ownCloud,” said Frank Karlitschek, founder ofownCloud. “Personally, I also really like the shared calender functionality because it demonstrates clearly that we can live in a world of device and location independence securely and privately.”

Major Improvements

  • Faster Syncing with unique IDs for files and folders: The sync mechanism now compares the IDs for files and folders, which reduces the load of the ownCloud Desktop Clients on the corresponding server and allows syncing between server and desktops not running on an identical time.
  • Sub-Administrators for Groups: Each group can have assigned one or more sub-administrators who can manage accounts without being able to change other things inside ownCloud.
  • Mounting of external Storage: External Cloud Storage (Dropbox, Google, etc.) can be mounted into an ownCloud user account and be part of the ownCloud user folders.
  • Syncing of shared address books: Shared address books can now be synced to other devices.
  • Support for replacing files by name in web interface: Uploading a file with the same file name in the web interface will now generate a new version of the file and display the uploaded file as the newest version.
  • Drag and drop contacts between address books: When several address books are used, contacts can be moved or copied easily.
  • Reworked LDAP and Contacts modules: Both modules have gained significant performance enhancements.
  • Option to password protect public shared links.

Interested? Download the ownCloud 4.5 Beta Version at owncloud.org/support/install

About the ownCloud Community

ownCloud began at a KDE community event in 2010, aiming to bring greater flexibility, access and security to data in the cloud. ownCloud enables universal access to files through the widely implemented WebDAV standard, providing a platform to easily view and sync contacts, calendars and bookmarks across devices while supporting sharing, viewing and editing via the web interface. Installation has minimal server requirements, doesn’t need special permissions and is quick. ownCloud is extendable via a simple, powerful API for applications. For more information, please visit: http://www.owncloud.org.

About ownCloud Inc.

Based on the popular ownCloud open source community project, ownCloud Inc. was founded in 2011 to bring greater flexibility, access and security to unstructured data in enterprises. Company headquarters are in Boston, with European headquarters in Nuremberg, Germany. For more information, visit: http://www.owncloud.com.

13 Comments on this post:

  1. It works really well. Improved display of pictures taken vertically. It is much faster 🙂

    Good job.

  2. Does this beta already includes the planned UI ajax rewrite?

    • Holger

      There are some ajax improvements butnot a rewrite. Not sure what exactly you are expecting in regards of missing functionallity or otther things.

  3. fabian

    Do the stable sync clients (version 1.0.5) work with the beta server? I’ve found also beta clients (version 1.1) in the linux repositories. Are there also beta updates for Mac and Windows?

  4. fabian

    So if I use the old clients, there will be no difference in the sync behavior with the new server?
    Is it possible to use on some machines the old client and on some the new one?

  5. Chris

    Any eta for the release of OC 4.5 final or is it “when it’s done”?

  6. Hi

    Currently running 4.0.7

    I assume just copy new version to existing directory?

    What data should I back up before performing the upgrade?

  7. Robert

    If i install this beta version, will i be able to switch to stable version when its out without loosing data?

    • Holger

      Theoretically yes. But keep in mind that it is a BETA test, therefor there are no guarantees. You could even loose data while running the Beta.

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