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SharePoint is a robust foundation for content management and collaboration – through a browser. Unfortunately, with its extensive capabilities come complexities and a user experience that makes ad hoc file sharing difficult for users. This is particularly true for organizations who want to share files outside of their internal network or access those files with mobile devices. Legions of SharePoint users look outside the system to products like Dropbox which opens the organization up to considerable risk of data leakage and a lack of IT visibility. With ownCloud, you can leave SharePoint files where they belong and still meet usability requirements.

By leveraging ownCloud Enterprise Edition, users can access and sync all of their SharePoint content from anywhere, at any time.


The SharePoint plugin application provides ownCloud Enterprise Edition subscribers a mechanism for connecting ownCloud users to their SharePoint document libraries. The administrator configures the app in the ownCloud administration page, allowing the app to connect to one or more document libraries using SharePoint web services interfaces. ownCloud treats SharePoint as an external storage location, translating ownCloud commands into SharePoint commands, and enabling mobile, web and sync client access.

  • Everywhere access. Users have access to their SharePoint document libraries by browsing through their SharePoint file tree inside of the ownCloud web and mobile interfaces. They can even sync files to their desktop with the ownCloud Desktop Client.
  • Flexible control. Administrators have access to flexible SAML, LDAP and AD-based authentication models, and custom authentication can be added.
  • Rapid implementation and configuration. Plug-in installation and configuration can take fewer than 5 minutes. In addition, users may be allowed to connect their own SharePoint libraries.
  • Automated synchronization. Updated files are bi-directionally synced from SharePoint to user devices. Selective sync ensures only what is needed on the device is synced, while the files of record remain in SharePoint.
  • Consistent security. While SharePoint documents are accessible via ownCloud, SharePoint ACLs are respected. For example, users with read only access in SharePoint would also have read only access in ownCloud.


  • Provide access to SharePoint files from the desktop, web or mobile device
  • Leave files where they are in SharePoint to preserve business processes
  • Log and control access, maintain existing SharePoint polices and access control lists (ACLs)
  • Maintain IT control and visibility while providing a compelling user experience

Technical specifications

The ownCloud SharePoint plugin works with SharePoint 2007, 2010 and 2013 and requires ownCloud 7 Enterprise Edition or above.

The plugin uses the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and webDAV for the uploads and downloads to talk to SharePoint servers. The supported authentication methods are:

  • Basic Auth
  • NTLM (recommended)

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