ownCloud Supports Automated Login Through Windows, Using SAML Authentication

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 31. October 2018

ownCloud app SAML shibboleth

ownCloud’s SAML integration puts security and usability first. Make your employees more productive and your IT infrastructure more secure with on-premises solutions.

ownCloud can be integrated with many other on-premises applications to enhance the productivity and security of your business. Open standards guarantee that the integration is easy and seamless for users.

In a company which uses Single-Sign-On with Microsoft ADFS in their network, the ownCloud Enterprise app SAML/SSO Integration is responsible for connecting ownCloud to the ADFS.

After the employees login to the Windows domain on their computer, they are already authenticated for ownCloud. No further authentication is needed to access their ownCloud account and its features. No additional login on an IdP is necessary.

This is also possible with other services. SAML is an open standard which is integrated in many other web applications, too. And it can easily be integrated in homegrown solutions, with a wide variety of frameworks.

Different Services, One Authentication Backend

The authentication is handled by a SAML backend. In the case described above, Microsoft ADFS. This enables many synergies and makes authentication much easier on a company-wide scale. Apart from ADFS, also other on-premise identity providers like PrivacyIDEA or Ping Identity make the lives of employees much easier.

SAML solutions integrate neatly with other on-premises solutions. For example the project tracking software Jira, Github Enterprise, or any homegrown application which supports SAML can use this feature, too. This combines the security of on-premises solutions with the usability of SSO.

Not only on-premises solutions can be integrated with SAML: also the CRM solutions Salesforce, travel booking systems like Concur, LinkedIn Business accounts and many others can connect to SSO solutions. The list is endless. Investing in this feature is worth it.


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