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ownCloud X Enterprise Makes its Grand Debut

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 24. May 2017

It is with great excitement that we announce the official release of ownCloud X Enterprise. This historic event was announced with fanfare yesterday at the ownCloud X event in Cologne surrounded by our closest friends and family. And to further celebrate this significant achievement we were partying into the night, literally shouting from the rooftops of Cologne that ownCloud X is finally here!

ownCloud X marks a new generation in the development of the ownCloud software. It creates a product that extends file sharing with a clear commitment to enterprise-focused security and performance while providing users with collaboration functionalities needed for seamless digital workflows across devices, users and locations. ownCloud X hardens the core software built with APIs providing flexibility and full data control and extends it with key improvements in the areas of security, performance, and productivity to provide enterprises with the most extended ownCloud product ever.

Over the past month, we have led up to the release with breadcrumbs, introducing new features and functionalities:

Extended Security
The launch of ownCloud X follows the vision of secure file sharing for enterprises and extends it with important improvements and fresh security features. The new File Integrity Checking verifies the integrity of up- and downloaded files while the new options to split between the owncloud.log and app logs help to improve overall data security. Furthermore, it is now possible for admins to directly disable and enable users via a checkbox in the user management panel and to disable the “local” storage type to prevent possible data leakage. Paired with months of software hardening, countless bugfixes and existing features like SSO, File Firewall, Encryption at rest and Logging & Auditing, the release of ownCloud X sets a new benchmark when it comes to secure enterprise file sync and share and enables companies to fulfill compliance and follow data security regulations.

Extended Performance
One of the key aspects of ownCloud X is the seamless integration into existing IT-infrastructures while delivering the high-class performance needed in an enterprise environment. With the support of PHP 7.1 and Redis clusters, improved Windows Network Drive Listener performance and a reworked upgrading process that starting with ownCloud X allows to skip major software versions the ownCloud X experience will hold up even in the most sophisticated IT-environments. Topped off with major database performance improvements, ownCloud X improves its performance in all key areas to create a true next-level enterprise file sharing solution.

Extended Productivity
While file sharing evolves, the users do as well. A modern, digitalized workflow includes seamless data exchange between devices, users and locations. ownCloud X is a reaction to collaboration needs within modern enterprises and introduces a full set of features to improve the productivity of users. With custom groups, all ownCloud users can now create groups to share with while admins still remain in control. The new Guest Sharing functionality allows the quick & easy sharing with externals by just entering a mail address. Guests are fully auditable, traceable and act within the permissions given. Improved Public Link Sharing now offers the creation of multiple public share links for each file to have the full control over each shared link. Combined with a rework of the settings design and the sharing dialog the ownCloud X improvements can be felt in every detail and make the workflows of enterprise users not only easier but overall more productive.

Yesterday, to kick off events, we hosted an English language webinar, “What’s New in ownCloud X” and celebrated the launch with the ownCloud X Launch Event in Cologne. We will also be hosting this webinar in coming weeks in both German and Spanish (our first ever Spanish language webinar in ownCloud history!).

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