New Features in ownCloud 6 Enterprise Edition

ownCloud 6 Enterprise Edition adds features that allow IT professionals to implement, configure and manage ownCloud deployments faster and more easily. For users, ownCloud 6 Enterprise Edition includes out-of-the-box integration with Jive, a popular enterprise social networking solution, and a wide range of usability improvements. These new features are complemented by ownCloud subscriptions that offer a range of enterprise support, license and service options.

  • File Firewall: ownCloud is the only provider to offer File Firewall which allows admins to set rules associated with connections to the ownCloud server, preventing access if those rules are, or are not, met. For example, the File Firewall allows an admin to limit access based on network (or VPN), time of day and geography. A government agency can ensure that files cannot be synced to computers outside the country or agency, or you can determine that sales files are the only files that can be synced to mobile devices. You determine file access with the granularity of rules you require.
  • Example Files: Administrators can now pre-load user accounts with helpful files such as Employee Handbooks, Holiday Schedules and even ownCloud User Guides to facilitate the onboarding of new users. This feature gives admins a handy tool for providing users a standard set of content.
  • Example files and default folders: ownCloud administrators can now create pre-configured folder structures, providing a standard for how users organize and interact with ownCloud from the outset. Standard folder structures can significantly improve help desk productivity and end user satisfaction.
  • Jive® Collaboration: Jive, a leading enterprise social collaboration solution, can now be configured as a data storage location for ownCloud, which means files saved in Jive appear in folders within ownCloud. Jive remains the system of record while ownCloud acts as a proxy, providing end-to-end file access for users at their desks and on the go.
  • Security Infrastructure: The LDAP/AD Wizard in ownCloud 6 enables admins to quickly, easily and visually integrate ownCloud with existing user directories. SAML Authentication enables organizations to drop ownCloud into existing enterprise environments and authenticate with established identity providers; SAML-based Shibboleth federated authentication allows single sign on across the globe.
  • Mobile Libraries and Application APIs: Developers can now use a library of modular methods to integrate custom mobile applications with ownCloud. These published methods provide open access to ownCloud functions and events, allowing developers to focus on implementing mobile app functionality. In addition, a new framework improves interoperability between 3rd party applications and ownCloud.
  • Sharing and Activity Stream APIs:Developers now have access to a rich suite of REST calls for interacting with ownCloud’s file sharing and activity events (file/folder creations, changes and deletions). These published APIs allow developers to extend ownCloud’s core functionality and integrate ownCloud with other systems.
  • User Avatars and File Previews: Users can now upload avatar images so they’re easily recognized by other users. ownCloud 6 also provides thumbnail icons of all known document types to assist users in locating and identifying files more easily.
  • User Controls and Alerts: ownCloud 6 users have new controls that improve productivity and usability. An Undelete control allows deleted files to be recovered from the trash bin; a conflict handling dialog warns users who are uploading files that already exist; and the new Activity Stream feature allows users to see all file and sharing activities associated with their files.
  • Sharing Notifications: An optional feature in ownCloud 6, emails can be sent to users and groups when files and/or folders have been shared. This feature allows proactive notification of important sharing events, and facilitates collaboration when project teams are working under tight deadlines.
  • Streamlined User Experience: ownCloud’s web and mobile user interfaces have been streamlined in Version 6. The new user interface includes upgraded graphics, better use of white space, and improved workflows.

What Customers are Saying

"Our pilot service with ownCloud meets the users' requirements for platform integration, usability and ease of access", said Dr Jakub T. Moscicki, IT Data Storage Services, CERN. "Therefore we are currently scaling up the pilot service to expose it to a larger user community. The open source aspect of ownCloud is the key element for future integration and extension in our environment. We see a potential for the ownCloud platform to evolve from a system focused on handling document files into a system for handling scientific datasets on a larger scale. We are looking forward to testing new functions and improving performance in ownCloud 6."Dr Jakub T. Moscicki, IT Data Storage Services, CERN
"We carefully evaluated the software market for file sync and share,” said Dieter Rehfeld, CEO of regio iT. At the end, ownCloud convinced us with the level of openness, flexibility and extensibility as well as with professional vendor support", says Dieter Rehfeld, CEO of regio iT, an IT service provider owned by a dozen municipalities in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, that serves 140 public utilities and schools in that region. "We deployed ownCloud to our more than 50,000 users at schools and public utilities -- and we are confident that they will like this new service."Dieter Rehfeld, CEO of regio iT
“An important part of INCF’s core mission is to foster scientific data sharing worldwide.” said Sean Hill, Executive Director of the International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility (INCF), an organization that develops and maintains database and computational infrastructure for neuroscientists. “Keeping all this critical information on our own distributed storage, integrating it with our security, tracking and governance tools, and providing end users with a very easy-to-use access tool was key to the decision to work with ownCloud"Sean Hill, Executive Director of the International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility (INCF)