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4. June 2018

Intelligent Synchronization, Improved UX: Virtual File System Introduced into ownCloud Desktop Client

Today ownCloud announces the introduction of the Virtual File System within the ownCloud Desktop Client. The Virtual File System provides the technology to synchronize with the end device only when needed. With this,users will now need significantly less local storage space, have a simplified […]

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9. April 2018

ownCloud Implements Delta Sync Technology

Launching “Delta Sync,” ownCloud now offers a technology that accelerates the synchronization of updated files. This means that in case of a file change, only the modified parts will be uploaded or downloaded instead of the whole file. Delta Sync significantly reduces the volume of data […]

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26. March 2018
German post

ownCloud bekommt ein neues User Interface

Mit „Phoenix” integriert ownCloud ein komplett neu gestaltetes Frontend in seine Software. Die Oberfläche soll künftig nur noch HTML-, JavaScript- und CSS-Dateien enthalten und vollständig vom Server entkoppelt sein. Die neue WebUI schafft eine übersichtlichere und leichter verständliche […]

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ownCloud is the choice of organizations across the globe as they look to share files securely, enable access to unstructured data through a single plane.

ownCloud has all of the features that our system required, including the ability to distribute the systems platform across three geographically dispersed locations. But equally important, we’ve watched ownCloud closely over the past two years and they have demonstrated steady innovation and a commitment to reliability. Dr. Raimund Vogl, Chairperson at Sync & Share NRW
The ability to offer customers seamless collaboration without sacrificing the control and security of sensitive corporate data [with ownCloud] is an enormous value-add for Datto’s MSP partners and their customers. Rob May, SVP business development at Datto

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