Compare ownCloud Subscriptions

ownCloud ServerStandard SubscriptionEnterprise SubscriptionCustom Subscription
(Must share customizations with Community)
(Must share customizations with Community)
ownCloud Commercial LicenseownCloud Commercial License
Support8×5 email support12×5 global email and phone support24×7 global email and phone support
Enterprise Applications
Mobile AppsNon-branded available for purchase at Apple Store and Google PlayNon-branded available for purchase at Apple Store and Google PlayiOS and Android apps included; may be brandediOS and Android apps included; may be branded
Price per yearFreeFor 50 users:
$3,600 / €3.000
For 100 users:
$5,760 / €4.800

Volume discounts available in additional tiers of 250, 500 and 1,000 users

For 50 users:
$9,000 / €7.200
For 100 users:
$14,400 / €11.520

Volume discounts available in additional tiers of 250, 500, 1000, 10000 and 100000 users

Custom pricing available for user counts of 10,000 and above
ownCloud ServerStandard SubscriptionContact SalesContact Sales

Please find a full overview and comparison of the two Editions here.

A Partnership for Success

An ownCloud Enterprise Subscription provides significantly more than just support. It is a partnership with ownCloud that ensures customers achieve their objectives and that end users have the access they demand while accessing files on the go.

From PoC development to the branded interfaces and SLA-driven support included in every Enterprise Subscription, ownCloud is dedicated to making you successful. Open by nature, ownCloud can be dropped into your existing infrastructure and customized to integrate with the tools you rely on most. If you get stuck, ownCloud has a global services team who can work with you to realize your objectives.


The Enterprise Subscription

ownCloud Enterprise Subscriptions cover the server, enterprise apps, desktop client and mobile applications – the entire ownCloud solution. The Enterprise Edition builds on the ownCloud Server, adding ownCloud certifications and enterprise applications to ensure the software is ready for use in the most demanding enterprise environments.

  • Support: mission-critical phone and email support (available 12×5 or 24×7), patches, upgrades and deployment/migration assistance; a strong service-level agreement (SLA) is included with every subscription.
  • Tools: certified server, mobile and desktop software which may be branded with your logo or design, plug-in applications, add-on tools, copyright licensing, performance tuning guidelines, architecture blueprints and documented examples, as well as proprietary modules for logging and multiple integrations. Read more about the features included in ownCloud Enterprise Edition.
  • Resources: access to the ownCloud team for unmatched product knowledge, troubleshooting, configuration guidance, direct input into product roadmaps, and a conduit to the ownCloud community. Full documentation, webinars, technical papers and in-person events provide direct access to the information you need to optimize your deployment.

The ownCloud Commercial License, which is included with the Enterprise Subscription, allows users to make code changes while keeping your own intellectual property secret, when you choose so.

ownCloud holds rights to the ownCloud Enterprise Edition which enables ownCloud to license the code to customers under commercial terms. This, combined with the support, tools and influence that come with an ownCloud subscription, enables you to succeed in securing your data with ownCloud.

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Key Benefits

  • Quality assured and certified releases, updates and patches
  • Ability to brand with your own design or theme
  • Enterprise infrastructure integrations and feature extensions
  • Full lifecycle support, from project inception to production and user growth
  • Access to the founders and roadmaps of the ownCloud open source project
  • Admin and developer documentation, examples and best practices

The Standard Subscription

ownCloud Community Edition is the base of ownCloud and is offered free via the ownCloud community. The ownCloud Standard Subscription gives users the confidence to run ownCloud Community Edition knowing they have the world-class support of ownCloud experts behind their deployment. This subscription is ideal for professional users who are looking for a supported, file access solution and don’t require ownCloud enterprise features and applications.As needs change, customers can easily upgrade or modify their ownCloud Subscription to meet their unique needs.

The Standard Subscription provides support for the ownCloud Community Edition, which is licensed under AGPLv3 and requires you to adhere to all of the duties of the license, including the return of all customizations to the ownCloud community.