Avoid email attachments

Send links and avoid email attachments. It is safer and eases the load on the mail server.

No more email attachements with ownCloud

Organizations send huge amounts of data as attachments to emails. There are a few problems with this approach. Multiple copies of files litter multiple hard drives, multiple versions of files create confusion, local copies are more at risk of theft. Also, mail systems tend to have a file size limit.

With ownCloud, staff mail links to files or folders of unlimited size, while those files and folders stay in one place and behind comprehensive access control measures.

The ownCloud Outlook Plugin for Windows makes the process even easier: Attached files are automatically converted to links into ownCloud.

  • Keep company and user data safe
  • Use less storage
  • Lighten the load on the mail server
  • Keep threats out through implementing a no-attachments-policy

ownCloud features that help avoid email attachments:

ownCloud Outlook Plugin

Public Link Sharing

Share files and folders with outside contacts, protected by passwords and expiry dates.

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ownCloud Comments

Custom Groups

Let users create groups to share data with multiple people, lightening admin workload.

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ownCloud Outlook Plugin

Outlook Plugin

Automagically turn Outlook attachments into secure links. Without file size limits.

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ownCloud Guest Users

Guest Users

Let select external contacts login to access select files and folders, speeding up coordination.

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ownCloud Federated Clouds

Federated Cloud Sharing

Share files and folders with users of other ownClouds. Fit for multinational deployment.

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ownCloud Activity Stream

Activity Stream

Keep up with progress. See who did what in which file or folder.

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ownCloud File Lifecycle Management

Unlimited File Size

ownCloud can handle any file you throw at it.

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ownCloud success story: Avoid email attachments like Jefferson National

Jefferson National uses ownCloud to avoid email attachments.

As a provider of innovative financial services, Jefferson National needs to regularly move large files and folders from clients into the company network and back. That stretched the mail system to its limits, with staff pushing to get shadow IT usage sanctioned. Then the firm implemented ownCloud to send links to files instead of attachments and to receive uploads to shared folders instad of attached files. Thanks to Active Directory integration, staff didn’t even have to learn new passwords.

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