Ensure compliance with data protection regulation

State-of-the-art remote collaboration thats in compliance with even the toughest of regulations.
ownCloud provides measures for you to stay privacy compliant

Data safety standards shield consumers from harm while privacy legislation like Europe’s GDPR strengthen citizens digital sovereignty. Under pressure to create a fair marketplace, regulators have intensified their policing of the rules in recent years, so organizations ignore regulatory frameworks at their own peril.

With ownCloud, compliance is straightforward. Designed in the home country of Europes strictest data protection legislation, ownCloud comes with a set of tools that make sure organizations can prepare to pass their data protection audits.

Privacy-by-Design, Zero-Knowledge-Architecture as well as on-premises hosting and comprehensive encryption of data storage and data transfer make ownCloud the safe choice for at-risk data. Thorough permissions management and policy enforcement as well as extensive logging make sure access is traceable and limited to eligible users.

  • GDPR-ready (General Data Protection Regulation)
  • LGPD-ready (Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados)
  • CCF-ready (Cloud Computing Regulatory Framework)
  • CCPA-ready (California Consumer Privacy Act)
  • HIPAA-ready (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)
  • Built-in auditability
  • Automated access limitations
  • Privacy-by-Design

ownCloud helps you to stay in compliance with regulations:

ownCloud Document Classification
Document Classification

Protect files automatically based on content and tags.

ownCloud Logging & Auditing
Logging and Auditing

Log actions of users and admins for compliance and security.

ownCloud Web App
Web App

Let users work in any common browser, reducing platform dependency even further.

ownCloud Advanced Security

Enhance security through the open standard for access delegation.

ownCloud Advanced Security
Single Sign On

Manage user access through OpenID Connect atop OAuth2.

ownCloud File Lifecycle Management
File Lifecycle

Archive and delete files that are past their due date.

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ownCloud success story compliance Stuttgarter Lebensversicherung

Stuttgarter uses ownCloud to insure the safety of its customer data

Insurer Stuttgarter Lebensversicherung uses ownCloud to enable collaboration between its 800 staff and its external resellers, while carefully protecting highly personal customer data according to German consumer protection and data privacy laws.

The IT department had no problems augmenting ownCloud with own custom capabilities. External partners using a variety of devices needed no formal training. Read the success story:

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