Integrate legacy storage

Break down silos and create a single point of access. Integrate legacy storage to gain a lot of security with little effort.

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Modernizing IT infrastructure is hard. ownCloud provides an easy first step. Just set up ownCloud and integrate legacy storage. There is not much in terms of digital data storage that ownCloud does not support.  Depending on your goals and requirements, this first step might just do the trick.

ownCloud integrates easily with Microsoft SharePoint, Windowes Network Drives, SaMBa and CIFS, FTP, Amazon S3, Google Drives, OpenStack Object Storage (Swift) as well as other ownClouds and compatible services. With the ownCloud Storage API, organizations can integrate virtually any storage, making access to borderline ancient storage media practical again. Looking at you, tape drives.

Having a single point of access makes sense also from a security standpoint. With ownCloud as the file access platform, logins and data use can be monitored, logged and audited for security and compliance. Users don’t have to login to multiple services to get their work done, limiting risk and simplifying compliance audits. Data stored with integrated storage providers can be encrypted, so it is useless for attackers targeting the storage provider.

Document Classification makes sure that freshly integrated data does not get into the wrong hands by automatically tagging and restricting access according to your policies, e.g. restricting access to certain folders to executives or to access from headquarters and blocking access from countries where your organization has no office or busines ties. Antivirus Scanner and the File Firewall make sure the freshly integrated files cannot wreak havoc. And because ownCloud does not have a file size limit, neither do your storage providers if you integrate legacy storage. Our Virtual File System means you could make all those files and folders accessible to all eligible users without file sync filling up their local hard drives.

  • Enable secure access to all data
  • Simplify compliance workflows
  • Defer or scale down more pricey IT infrastructure schemes
  • Have those long lost data treasures easily on hand again

These Features will help integrate legacy storage:

ownCloud External Storage

External Storage

Create a single point of access by mounting storage like S3, Dropbox, SharePoint and more.

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ownCloud File Lifecycle Management

File Lifecycle

Automatically archive and then delete files that are no longer needed, ensuring data protection compliance.

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ownCloud External Storage

Storage API

Create scalable custom integrations for external storage backends. Even for tape drives.

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ownCloud Activity Stream


Log actions of users and admins for compliance and security.

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ownCloud Advanced Security

File Firewall

Avoid threats by inspecting access requests for admissibility.

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ownCloud Advanced Security


Avoid threats by inspecting files for infections.

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ownCloud Advanced Security

Comprehensive Encryption

Safeguard data through state-of-the-art cryptographic measures.

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ownCloud Web App

Virtual File System

Let users sync virtual files, saving on storage and bandwidth.

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Success Story: Integrate legacy storage like Ouachita Baptist University

Ouachita Baptist University uses ownCloud to integrate legacy storage and BYOD.

As a leading liberal arts college, Ouachita Baptist University needs to make files stored on Windows network drives safely accessible to users that bring their own device (BYOD) to avoid shadow IT like usage of personal Dropbox accounts. ownCloud ticks all the boxes with external storage integration and Apps for pretty much any device. Users did not have to be retrained and IT didn’t have to move storage.

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