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Organizations bring people together to work towards a common goal. To make it efficient, organizations need to make their data contained in files and folders available to their staff. To make it secure, organizations need to control who has access to which information.

ownCloud enables organizations to safely store files and make them available to the relevant employees. It creates a single point of access for all file storage that makes it easy to find information, manage permissions and trace usage.

The ownCloud Virtual File System (VFS) allows users to sync full directory trees without filling up their devices. It syncs virtual files, i.e. metadata about the kind, size and date of a file, only transferring the full file when needed. 

Its frictionless user experience keeps staff from using unsanctioned and unsafe means of file sharing. Its self-service features empower users and reduce work load for admins.

  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce complexity
  • Enhance collaboration
  • See all files, only storing those you need with VFS

Enhance internal file sharing with these ownCloud features:

ownCloud file sync on desktop on demand
Virtual File System

Let users share files right from the file manager without having to download them, saving on storage and bandwidth.

ownCloud Outlook Plugin
Outlook Plugin

Let users send emails where attachments are automagically stored in ownCloud. 

ownCloud External Storage
External Storage

Let staff access all those silos through single point of access – by mounting storage like S3, Dropbox, SharePoint and more.

ownCloud File Lifecycle Management
File Lifecycle

Archive and delete files that are past their due date to ensure data protection.

ownCloud Comments

Let colleagues respond directly on files and folders.

ownCloud File Locking prevent conflicts while editing
File Locking

Lock files to prevent conflicts while editing.

ownCloud Activity Stream
Activity Stream

Keep up with progress. See who did what in which file or folder.

ownCloud Custom Groups
Custom Groups

Empower users to create their own Groups. It speeds up sharing and lightens admin workload, too.

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Find, edit and share documents on mobile devices, whether in the office, at home or on the go.

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Send links instead of attachments. It is safer and eases the load on the mail server.