Keep it safe, in the cloud, your basement or in between

ownCloud is your single-point-of-access file platform. Depending on your needs, set it up on-premises, in the cloud or as a hybrid.

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On-Premises or Cloud or Hybrid – it depends

Organizations need to keep their data and information safe. Safe from theft, safe from loss, safe from abuse, safe from prying eyes. Also, users have a reasonable expectation of and in some places a legal claim to data privacy and data security.

But secure storage isn’t cheap, so it might be wise to store data that’s not exactly confidential on a less sophisticated and less pricey platform.

ownCloud gives you the flexibility to choose whether to host it in a managed cloud or on-premises. If you choose on-premises you still have the opportunity to integrate cheaper storage in a managed cloud or hyperscaler. Access is then managed through ownClouds’ administration layer that safely runs on-premises. You can optionally choose to encrypt data stored with third parties to make it useless to potential attackers.

  • Single point of access
  • Encryption makes public cloud storage fairly secure
  • ownCloud enables flexible setups to meet your needs
  • Use ownCloud to harden and bundle your storage silos through a single point of access

The ownCloud features enabling hybrid cloud integration:

ownCloud Advanced Security

Comprehensive Encryption

Safeguard data through state-of-the-art cryptographic measures.

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ownCloud External Storage

External Storage

Create a single point of access by mounting storage like S3, Dropbox, SharePoint and more.

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ownCloud File Lifecycle Management

Document Classification

Protect files automatically based on content and tags.

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ownCloud External Storage

Storage API

Create scalable custom integrations for external storage backends. Even for tape drives.

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owncloud whitepaper Storage Flexibility

Storage Flexibility with ownCloud

ownCloud makes it easy to integrate a wide range of storage options into a secure and efficient file access platform with a single point of access. Get our storage flexibility data sheet right to your inbox:

Get the storage flexibility data sheet to your inbox:

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