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Enterprise File Sync and Share

ownCloud 6 offers control, integration and productivity for the enterprise.
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The ownCloud Difference

Community Edition Enterprise Edition
License Open Source: AGPL, GPL (must open source customizations) ownCloud Commercial License
Certified by ownCloud
Support Community Forums 5 x12 or 7x24 global live
phone or email support
Unlimited Incidents
Response Time No SLA Strong SLA
Dedicated Onboarding & Migration Assistance
Mobile Clients Standard app for a fee Unlimited Free Clients; May be Branded
Maintenance & Upgrades
Feature Requests
Enterprise Features
File Firewall
SAML/Shibboleth Authentication
Home Directory Mounts
Logging Module
(Auditing & Sharing)
Jive Integration
Certified ownCloud Plug-ins
Microsoft SQL Server Support
Oracle DB Support
Enterprise Documentation
Provisioning API

Product Overview

ownCloud is simple and intuitive for business professionals to use, but gives IT complete control over sensitive corporate data. ownCloud provides drag-and-drop access to files on your local file system using a web browser, simple point and click file sharing, and controlled access to files from mobile devices.

    File Sharing for the Enterprise – consumer-grade usability with the power IT demands

  • Control – IT chooses the servers onto which ownCloud is installed and controls where all files are stored, leveraging storage across on-site storage devices, and private/hybrid cloud storage services. The Wizard interfaces enable IT admins to integrate ownCloud with existing Active Directory or LDAP services, and ownCloud’s File Firewall provides advanced rules-driven access controls at the file level.
  • Integration – ownCloud integrates quickly and easily with existing authentication through SAML, authorization, security, logging, monitoring and back-up systems. ownCloud’s out-of-the-box integration with Jive, the world’s leading enterprise social collaboration product, extends Jive with enterprise-class file sharing capabilities.

    In addition, ownCloud‘s open architecture, mobile libraries and APIs allow IT to rapidly extend core functionality and enhance the solution to meet special user needs.

  • Productivity – ownCloud combines the power and control of an enterprise-class file sharing solution with the user productivity of consumer-grade services. Clean, crisp user interfaces are complemented by a range of popular end user features such as avatars, file previews, activity feeds, share file notifications and example files.

Product Features

ownCloud Enterprise Edition is an enterprise-grade file sync and share solution. ownCloud Enterprise Edition extends the open source core technology with value-added features, certified product distributions, documentation and enterprise platform support.

Protect and Manage – host files on premise, in the Cloud, or any place you chose. Integrate – use existing infrastructure, policies and procedures. Extend – leverage custom apps to meet unique business needs with ownCloud’s open platform.
On your Servers – Install ownCloud on your servers, in your data center – or wherever you choose to host the software.

Using your Storage – Leverage the storage you already have, or add the storage you choose to serve end user files.

Meet Policies with your own Administrators – Running in your data center, on your storage, following your policies and procedures.

AES Encryption at rest - Files are highly secure, with native at-rest encryption provided by ownCloud on whatever backend storage you choose.

File Firewall – Define advanced rules that control access to data based on user connections, time of day, geography and other relevant criteria.

Antivirus Scanning - Uploaded files are scanned with Clam AV, preventing the potential for automated distribution of infected files.

Default Folders and Example Files – Provision users with default folder structures and data files to get them up and running quickly based on your standards.
Integrate with existing Home Directories – Easily integrate ownCloud with existing user home directories, making sync and share a seamless extension of existing user storage.

Leverage existing LDAP / Active Directories - Integrate LDAP and AD directories using a wizard-style interface to define customizable attributes; configurations include new display names, home directory paths and multiple user and group bases.

SAML Authentication – Drop ownCloud into your IT infrastructure and authenticate with your chosen identity provider. And, SAML-based Shibboleth federated authentication allows single sign on across the globe.

Integrate with your existing Backup Solutions - Easily move your ownCloud user accounts between ownCloud instances, and have a backup ready when you need it.

Logging – Transparently log access, administrative actions, sharing activities, and file transfers. ownCloud writes to syslog log files as well as the ownCloud log file, and can easily be set up to work with log viewers like Splunk®.

External Storage – Out-of-the-box ability to mount DropBox, Swift, FTPs, GoogleDocs, S3 and external WebDAV servers.

Application Integration – Use ownCloud APIs to integrate file sharing with your favorite applications, or leverage ownCloud’s out-of-the-box integration with Jive®.
Public APIs – Publicly defined APIs make creating applications for ownCloud simple, enabling add-on functions a stable integration point.

WebDAV – Access your files using an open, industry standard protocol used by many applications from the desktop to the mobile device.

Provisioning API – User provisioning can be integrated into existing data center automation tools, allowing external systems to trigger authenticated user provisioning and reporting activities.

Mobile Libraries – Access ownCloud’s internal functions, resources and events directly from your custom mobile applications.

Sharing and Activity Stream APIs – Extend ownCloud with custom functionality through REST APIs that expose ownCloud’s file sharing and activity events.

Custom Themeing – Make ownCloud look and feel like the rest of your site. Replace standard fonts, colors and icons with your brand on mobile, desktop and web interfaces.