Proof-of-Concept Development

The ownCloud team can support your pilot project with consulting and a subscription to ensure your project’s success. A small investment in fully understanding the technology and how to use it most effectively early in the development life cycle can save significant time and money during production.

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The ownCloud team shares its experience in a variety of venues that focus on different pilot project requirements:

  • Technology Evaluation – ownCloud knows the product inside and out, and will make sure that your IT organization fully understands the technology, features, and how to best to use it.
  • Architecture Design – ownCloud is the only file sync and share solution that can be deployed completely on premise, and that allows you to use your existing storage, security, and governance systems if properly architected.
  • Transition to Production – As mission-critical projects go live, and as they scale to involve more departments within the enterprise, knowledge of the continuing development of the project combined with active support prevents disruptions and ensures deployment success.

Developing a Proof-of-Concept(PoC) with ownCloud

ownCloud knows what you need when you are conducting a serious evaluation of enterprise software. Our goal is to help you with an economical and productive implementation which allows you to fully test ownCloud:

  • Timed Trial Period – ownCloud can work with you for a structured trial of ownCloud; you will have the full backing of the ownCloud team, and benefit from the support, tools, and influence that come with an ownCloud subscription.
  • Implementation Guidance – successful adoption of a new technology requires personal attention and one-on-one time with experts, and and we want to get you started on the right foot.

Ready to Begin Your PoC?

ownCloud offers the Evaluate Service Package for those who are ready to get started on the PoC today. If you are looking for a more customized PoC, please contact us to discuss details.

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