Radio World: Your Data Is, Well, Your Data

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 26. June 2015

With the advent of “cloud” services, a number of our people have begun using outside sources to backup their data, namely Dropbox, iCloud and Google Drive. Obviously, the chief advantage is that the data is available at their fingertips with whatever device they choose to use. But another pro is that all of the services are intuitive and easy to use.

The con is that our company’s employee-created data was becoming an exhibit in the Internet zoo. Big targets on the Internet attract hackers who mean to do those companies harm; and there sits our data.


To protect against that possibility, I started searching for a solution that would rival what those companies provide and yet keep our data in a harder-to-find target under our watchful eyes — more specifically, in a server located about 10 feet from me and on our network. ownCloud is where my search ended.


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