Secure File Sync and Share in the Enterprise – Turning the “Dropbox Problem” into a Revenue Opportunity

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 27. March 2013

A funny thing happened on our way to helping businesses protect themselves against data loss from unsecure, consumer-grade file sync and share apps. We found many businesses (and universities and government agencies) that—knowing there was a secure, on-premise, flexible sync and share alternative – wanted to use that technology to build better relationships with their constituents, customers, partners and employees. Companies on the cutting edge are realizing that sync and share technology done right grows top line revenue!

We’ve been talking a lot here about the “Dropbox problem.” That is: employees using consumer-grade sync and share apps with sensitive company data. And a lot of people talk about, write about and shout about how we are a Dropbox competitor. But we really don’t see ourselves that way. We use “Dropbox” in the generic “Kleenex” or “Xerox” way – denoting “consumer-grade” file sync and share.

And we are seeing – just as consumers have been using sync and share to make their lives easier and more productive – that businesses are now realizing that with a secure, customizable, integrated sync and share, they too can use this technology for good, to build better relationships with their customers.

Think about a business that needs long term relationships with their customers (insurance, banking, industry analysts), and delivers value through content and ideas. Instead of secure communications being on the web and email, companies can use secure sync and share to make it more personal, push it to the customer, and in so doing extend the mind share of customers – in much the same way mobile apps are used today. There are many more uses of course, and many more that will be discovered by thoughtful, creative, energetic businesses.

The point is, secure sync and share is available now. Leading businesses are finding ways to turn the “Dropbox problem” into a revenue opportunity. And that is a fascinating twist for those of us at ownCloud who solve the “Dropbox problem” with a secure enterprise file sync and share solution. What is your top line opportunity?

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