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Posted by – 17. January 2013

One of the biggest areas of growth for ownCloud lately has been our partnerships. We’re fortunate to have worked with experts around the globe, and we look forward to many more technology and go-to-market opportunities in the coming years through working with these partners.

One particular type of partner for ownCloud is our service provider partner. Our service providers offer ownCloud to their customers in many different ways—some as hosted ownCloud services, some integrated with other technologies, and some as custom installations of our Business Edition or Enterprise Edition.

Today we are excited to announce (link to release) that one of our great service provider partners, Standing Cloud, a leading provider of cloud application marketplace and management solutions, is releasing Hosted ownCloud for Teams and Hosted ownCloud for Businesses through the Standing Cloud Marketplace.

Hosted ownCloud for Teams is powered by Standing Cloud and delivers the same security and flexibility of ownCloud Business Edition for less than $40 a month for up to five users. Standing Cloud also has a larger option, Hosted ownCloud for Businesses, which supports up to 50 users.

With this new offering of Hosted ownCloud powered by Standing Cloud, our customers can choose the hosting provider, data center, as well as the geography of their choice from a wide range of global public cloud providers. The ownCloud installations that are hosted through Standing Cloud are portable from one cloud to another, so you never have to be locked in to a single platform or cloud provider.
Standing Cloud’s automated management features also give you easy point-and-click access to a variety of automated management services, which include 24/7 server monitoring and backups, version upgrades, resource scaling plus more.

We’re excited about this new offering from Standing Cloud, and we look forward to many more partnership announcements in the coming months. If you’re interested in partnering with us, whether as a service provider, reseller, integrator, or another mutually-beneficial relationship, please contact us at

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