Students Beware

Posted by – 12. June 2015

ID-10014037Students, do your colleges and universities use a cloud-based system that allows students to access your files anywhere? Do you work on your laptop in your dorm room, save the file to the cloud, and then access it in the library to print? I know I did. It was such a great convenience!

But let’s take a closer look. How do you sign in to the system? Through your student ID number. Do you know what personal information is attached to that number? All of it. Each student is assigned a student ID number which is attached to each student’s personal information and stored on the school’s database. And if the students are using a cloud-based system to store their files, it’s a good guess that the school administrators are doing the same thing with your information. Scared yet?

Well you should be. Cloud-based systems are more prone to data leaks meaning that your personal information, your social security number, address, birthday, etc, can wind up in the wrong hands. Is that a chance you really want to take?

On-premise storage is the way to go. ownCloud offers the same cloud experience but all data is secured to the university server, giving the school more control over who has access to student information. ownCloud is the choice of many educational institutions around the world for this exact reason.

Sync & Share NRW in Germany is an association of 22 research and applied science universities in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), Germany. With over 500,000 users they have a ton of data they need to keep secure. After two years of researching options ownCloud was selected for our on-premise file sync and share ability.

Dr. Raimund Vogl, Director of IT at NRW claims that “Getting the consortium together across 22 independent entities for a project of this scale was both intense and challenging. We used an incredible amount of due diligence to consider all of our options. In the end, ownCloud was clearly the right choice.”

Well those universities in association with NRW are sure to have secure data.

And a few of our other customers include The University of Hawaii, Texas A&M, University of New Mexico, and Dalhousie University just to name a few.

So do you know if your information is at risk with your university’s storage option? Maybe it is up to you to change their mind and to consider an on-premise storage solution like ownCloud.

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