Success Story – Die Stuttgarter

With approximately 800 employees in nine locations across Germany, specialized insurance provider, Stuttgarter Lebensversicherung, puts a premium on collaboration. This is especially true when supporting a wide network of external resellers who are the sole distributors of the company’s offerings. Not just any file sharing solution would suffice. German law requires careful protection of the personal information upon which the business is based. That’s when the IT turned to ownCloud.

Securing our file sharing environment was our number one priority, but it couldn't come at the expense of a poor user experience. ownCloud delivered on security and ease of use. It was everything we needed in one solution. Monir Zouaoui, employee of the it department


For sharing files with parties outside of the organization, the IT department selected ownCloud because of the tools’ extensibility; building custom capabilities on top of ownCloud was both rapid and easy to maintain.

ownCloud is very clear and well designed. It was very easy to augment it with our own custom requirement.
Monir Zouaoui, employee of the it department

Intuitive Interface

The Stuttgarter Lebensversicherung solution needed to meet the diverse needs of three groups – Marketing, Executives and the Legal Department. Each team wanted to share files with external partners – including resellers, attorneys and board members, who would not have access to training and would use a variety of devices. ownCloud delivered a self-service, intuitive interface that required no formal knowledge transfer.


Efficiency Booster

Across the business ownCloud is boosting productivity by eliminating manual, costly processes.

  • ownCloud does more than provide a place to store documents; it is a communication enhancer for coordinating with external legal advisors. Each time a group member has finished making their changes to a document, or uploads a new file, an email automatically is sent to team members notifying them about their colleague’s efforts. This automatic process eliminates miscommunications and allows everyone to respond rapidly.
  • Stuttgarter Lebensversicherung has substantially increased the efficiency of board meetings. Instead of relying on slow postal delivery of printed materials, board meetings are held collaboratively with on-line documentation folders which always incorporate last-minute edits. Each folder has a topic and at the end of the meeting, all of the historical information has been archived electronically – including meeting minutes. Not only are trees saved, but also administrative overhead has been reduced.
  • Stuttgarter Lebensversicherung has increased the efficiency in distributing marketing materials to their external distributors –their sole source of product distribution. Prior to ownCloud, marketing information was delivered on DVD which was slow, costly and required additional time to package and send. Materials were often outdated almost immediately after the DVD arrived. With ownCloud current sales materials are always accessible – saving time and operational budget.

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