Success Story – SWITCH

Extends Universal File Access across 42 Educational and Research Institutions to 300,000 Users

For more than 27 years SWITCH, the national research and educational network, has pioneered network connectivity for the universities of Switzerland. With more than a quarter century’s experience, SWITCH knows first hand how collaboration and work style have evolved. Today’s researchers and students need access to files from anywhere in a secure environment that’s easy to use and low maintenance.

Meeting the needs of 300,000 customers across 42 institutions that are adapting to modern work streams is no easy task. That’s when SWITCH turned to ownCloud. Researchers, lecturers, students and university administrators are all finding value in SWITCHdrive, the service based on ownCloud Enterprise.

In our first five months more than half of the insti-tutions had already adop-ted the ownCloud-based solution. It’s a remarkable testimony to the need for universal file access and the intuitive user interface ownCloud offers. Patrik Schnellmann, Business Development

Self-service, intuitive interface

With the potential to serve 300,000 users, the solution chosen by SWITCH had to be easy to learn. Patrik is thrilled to report that “very few support cases have arisen for the ownCloud solution and best of all no formal training was required.”

On-premises security

ownCloud’s on-premises approach ensures that all data security policies can be implemented with confidence. SWITCH retains 100% control over both data and metadata.

Although ownCloud exceeded all of our IT requirements, we didn’t select them on our own – our users did. A key part of our evaluation process was to pilot two solutions with a cross section of future users. The feedback was universal – ownCloud was a user favorite. Patrik Schnellmann, Business Development

Future proof

SWITCH was looking for more than a short-term solution, they wanted a partner that would continuously innovate. ownCloud delivers a strategically sound choice for the future with regular updates and a strong community.

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