Syncplicity, Welcome to the Big Cloud Party

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 8. April 2016

ID-100142394This week Syncplicty announced that it “has deployed its flagship product to more than 330,000 Siemens employees in 192 countries — arguably the largest EFSS deployment ever, besting Box’s 300,000 seats at GE.”

This is impressive Syncplicty! But the largest EFSS deployment ever? Not quite.

Back in June 2014, ownCloud announced a deal with Sync & Share NRW, Germany’s largest university system, which uses ownCloud to connect half a million users across 22 institutions with up to 5PB of data.


And if 500,000 users aren’t enough to be excited about, we also have a deployment at DigiLocker in India that accounts for 1.14 million users! This just goes to show the scalability and leadership ownCloud possesses worldwide.

So, while it is a great feat to best Box with the number of users in this deployment, all we can say is, welcome to the party!

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