The Enterprise is cool again. Yes.

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 29. November 2012

Great story this week from ReadWriteWeb’s new Editor Dan Lyons (of Fake Steve Jobs fame) – “The Enterprise Is Cool Again, and Box CEO Aaron Levie Is Loving It”.

We’ve known for a while that the real excitement in this market is at the enterprise level. ownCloud caters to enterprises who want to run their own, private clouds. And judging from all the surveys we read, that’s a lot of companies. We also cater to service providers across the globe who want to differentiate locally and who want to offer file sync and share and collaborative access to data.

The difference is the question of a decentralized infrastructure versus a centralized infrastructure from just one vendor.

ownCloud develops software in a collaborative way: Open Source — developed once and used by IT departments to make an innovative offer to their internal customers and service providers to make an innovative offer to their customers.

That is the future of a decentralized cloud computing in our minds.

Walled garden versus the freedom to settle where you like to settle and for a price which is determined by competition rather than set by one vendor.

If the ownCloud approach or the Box approach is the right one, or if both have its distinct use cases: The market will decide. Judging by the amount of people we talk to every day, we think we’re on the right track.

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