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31. August 2017

CIO Agenda – Increase Productivity – everywhere for everybody!

One of the key challenges in companies today is the need for seamless digital collaboration across devices, storage systems and geographical locations with internal and external users. The increasing mobile workforce needs enterprise-grade tools for secure collaboration that is compliant with […]

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17. August 2017

CIO Agenda – Step out of the Shadows: How to provide a user accepted EFSS solution under your control

The introduction of consumer cloud services has marked a notably dramatic change in working and sharing habits, as well as increased flexibility and productivity. All of a sudden, users were able to sync, share and access all of their files from everywhere across devices. Collaboration became easier […]

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8. August 2017

CIO Agenda – Digitalization vs. Data Silos: Consolidate Unstructured Data Now!

The IT landscape in many enterprises today consists of a variety of storage types and locations that have grown consistently over the years. Critical company data is scattered across servers, datacenters, devices or even cloud storages. These so-called data silos pose a not to be underestimated […]

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25. July 2017

CIO Agenda: Facing Challenges in the Era of Digital Transformation

In the past years the role of IT professionals got shifted towards a more strategic dimension and often comes with the term of „transformation“. Especially CIOs are facing more and more challenges in an environment of digital disruption.  In the next five years, CIOs expect their companies’ […]

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24. July 2017

Univention and ownCloud: A Docker (Love) Story

This is a guest blog post by our partner Univention.  Docker has been one of the buzzwords in recent years. Containers in itself are nothing new in the Linux world, and anyone using a shared web space is almost certainly using some container implementation. Docker, however, provides management […]

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4. December 2015

ownCloud for Non-Profit

ownCloud can now a check off another box when it comes to industry type. Our latest customer to sign up with ownCloud is an international non-profit […]

Due to the concerns around security risks of the cloud and the lack of control, this non-profit organization steered clear of cloud based providers […]

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24. November 2015

ownCloud Welcomes Ouachita Baptist University

ownCloud would like to welcome our newest customer, Ouachita Baptist University. Ouachita is a liberal arts university which has earned a strong […]

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13. November 2015

Implementing ownCloud on S3 by a Service Provider

A service provider came to ownCloud to help them offer secure file sharing as a service to their customers.  As an industry leader in revenue cycle […]

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9. October 2015

ownCloud Multinational Customers are Connected with Federated Cloud Sharing

How many companies are global? According to the International Labour Organization there are about 50,000 multinational enterprises world-wide. […]

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1. October 2015

ownCloud was Featured on Grey’s Anatomy and You Probably Missed It

Who watches Grey’s Anatomy? Remember that episode from season 9 where the hospital goes digital? Rather than carrying around the hand written […]

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30. September 2015

New ownCloud Use Case Blog Series “ownClouders Anonymous”

You can call it a feature, you can call it a use case, or you can just stretch your idea of ownCloud as “just” an EFSS solution.  When we talk […]