Watch out Box and Dropbox!

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 2. February 2012

It’s official, I have decided to join my partners Markus Rex and Frank Karlitschek, at ownCloud as vice president sales & marketing.


Frankly, for the same reason Frank built ownCloud – to help fill the need for a secure, inexpensive cloud storage solution for enterprises. Right now, enterprises have to choose between too restrictive or not secure. They are locked into technologies that house their data and pay through the nose for the privilege of housing their data in a non-secure way in a potentially non-controllable location.

We’re going to change that (I say “going to” but the revolution is already happening). We are going to give enterprises unprecedented flexibility in storing, synching and sharing their data. We’re going to give them unprecedented data security while giving end-users maximum access and ease of use. And we’re going to make this all possible at prices that will make CFOs smile.

I love ownCloud, and just yesterday I had several very excited partners on the phone, willing to drive this runway with us!

Follow us here and watch as the revolution happens.

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