Welcome to ownCloud, Inc.

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 13. December 2011

So hopefully you are here because you heard the news today.

ownCloud has been an extremely successful open source project – generating more than 350,000 users. We thought it was time to take ownCloud to the next level – offering businesses a truly flexible, manageable, secure AND easy to use way to access, synch and back up their data.

ownCloud will of course remain true to its open source roots – it could be no other way for a company run by Frank and me. What the commercial entity ownCloud will add is advanced support and services, as well as commercial friendly routes to partnerships.

We are sitting at a very unique crossroads here. We have an opportunity to be part of a multi-billion dollar market with a tool that has already proven to be popular.

More and more companies are looking for secure ways to share and manage their data, and as mobile devices become smarter and more ubiquitous and cloud technologies spread data into more places – ownCloud can help.

So watch this space, maybe test ownCloud yourself, and join us on the journey.

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