You think BYOD is Causing IT Headaches Now, Just Wait Until it’s Mandated

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 21. June 2012

That’s right, according to Forrester Research, within three years “most companies will make any customer-provided technology the norm, and purge rules forbidding personal devices to the point that self-purchasing may become a requirement for new employees.”

Considering the mess BYOD is already causing  in corporate IT shops, we are left (almost) speechless.

But, I guess it does make sense in an “if you can’t beat em join em” sort of way.

For years – when technology was expensive and complex, it made sense that businesses control every aspect of employee technology. Add to that the corporate need to protect its data and other assets and it was a no brainer.
But that was then. It started with smart phones, and according to Forrester, senior executives. The technology was better, easier, then what corporate IT was offering. So, employees found work arounds to IT roadblocks so they could be using the “toys” they liked.

Then came even smarter phones, tablets even laptops. Then came all those productivity apps.

And let’s face it, employees have become very tech savvy, savvy enough not to want to get bogged down using tools built for the enterprise. They are also savvy enough to find even more work arounds. So maybe IT does soon mandate BYOD and instead of wasting cycles trying to control the clients – in any form — they instead focus on controlling the server.

Makes sense to us, as long as IT can give end users the experience they want.

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