Coming up: The new Desktop Client 2.7. Help us make it even better!

Curious to see what the upcoming ownCloud Desktop Client 2.7 has to offer? Join our beta and testing program to find out!
Test-Drive the Desktop Client 2.7 now

The ownCloud desktop client 2.7 brings, among other things, support for OpenID Connect, the TUS resumable upload protocol and enables virtual files on windows by default. Now it is ready for a public beta test.

You can test-drive the ownCloud desktop client 2.7 before it is released. See what’s new and help us find flaws using the the ownCloud beta and testing program. You will find the beta5 release right here.

Desktop Client 2.7 beta is available as Testpilot, too

Please note that there are two versions: One to replace your existing desktop client and the Testpilot edition for when you want to keep your existing Desktop client installation untouched. The Testpilot edition runs independently of your productive system.

If you find a bug or want to make any suggestion, please open a new issue on GitHub or create a new topic on Central, our community forum.

Your feedback is highly appreciated!


September 30, 2020

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