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We provide a secure alternative for the outdated file transfer protocol to exchange data online from a server to a client. ownCloud offers a fast and end-to-end encrypted FTP alternative with a user-friendly interface, even in the most demanding IT environments.

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Trusted by 200 million users worldwide

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With more than 200 million users and 200,000 installations worldwide, ownCloud is the ideal FTP alternative for all company sizes.

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The file transfer protocol (FTP) enables the exchange of files between a computer (client) and a server. Via the Internet, it is possible to dial into a server and upload and download files. As one of the oldest protocols on the Internet, it is now considered extremely insecure by today’s standards since passwords are transmitted unencrypted in plain text. Then there is the supposedly more secure SFTP that encrypts data during transmission but stores unencrypted.

ownCloud offers a modern, fast and highly secure FTP alternative with which files can be easily and effectively exchanged, even in the most demanding IT environments.

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Secure File Exchange & Full Data Control

With a central frontend, users can access all storage systems within their company’s distributed IT environment anywhere, anytime, from any device, no matter where their data resides. Whether the data is in applications, object stores, on-premises storage or in the cloud, it remains secure, transparent and under the control of IT. Encryption during storage ensures that your files are securely protected on the server but can still be conveniently shared between users. As an FTP alternative, ownCloud continues to check all access requests via File Firewall but users can further improve security by using additional tools such as attack detection or log management. With WebDAV, mobile libraries, the ownCloud API and various Enterprise Edition apps, you benefit from secure file sharing that keeps you in control of your files and scales your system securely as you grow.

secure file exchange and control
flexible IT integration

Flexible Integration in IT Landscapes

ownCloud can be seamlessly integrated into customers’ heterogeneous environments, supports security and authentication solutions, DLP, MDM, event logging, monitoring and backup systems and can integrate any objects, applications, cloud solutions and much more. ownCloud is, therefore, not only an FTP alternative, but also offers an open architecture and APIs with the possibility to design the user interface individually with your company logo and your own colors and fonts to match your existing tools or to your corporate identity (ownBrander).

Digital Collaboration

Employees demand easy-to-use tools that require technologies that enable secure internal and external exchange of information and files to collaborate and share documents across project teams in different locations. The aim of both employees and organizations is to increase productivity while maintaining safety standards. As an FTP alternative, ownCloud offers functionalities such as collaborative editing, federated cloud sharing, file commenting as well as other features that make collaboration in companies faster and more efficient.

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