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Lassen Sie die Benutzer die Fortschritte ihrer Kollegen verfolgen. Der Activity Stream zeigt anderen, die dieselben Dateien und Ordner verwenden, wer was mit welcher Datei oder welchem Ordner gemacht hat.

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The ownCloud Activity Application was designed to enable users to access a summarized overview of all file and folder events in their ownCloud, in order to ensure that users never miss an important event related to content in ownCloud and can always stay up-to-date on activities across all of their files and folders.

A transparent overview of all file and folder actions

The ownCloud Activity Application provides a one-stop platform to view all actions performed across files and folders, including creation of new files or folders, changes made to file or folder, updates, restores from trash bin, sharing activities, comments, tags and downloads from public share links.

Users who participate in a wide range of work activities can choose to limit the Activity stream notifications to ‚Favorites‘, so as not to be overwhelmed with notifications.

Activity Application notifications can be sent via email

Furthermore, users can also configure their Activity Stream application to receive activity notifications sent to them via email hourly, daily, monthly or at any other interval of their choice. Users can decide, in detail, which file and folder actions would be listed in the Activity stream, and for which file or folder actions they would prefer to receive email notifications.

Activity notifications can be filtered

The application can be configured to show activities by the users themselves, by others, on files or folders marked as favorite by the user, as well as only comments or just shares.

The Activity Application is customizable as per user needs

The Activity Stream application allows users to configure their individual Activity preferences. It is upto the individual users to decide which file or folder actions should be listed in the Activity stream and also for which file or folder actions they would want to receive email notifications. The bulk email notifications can be configured to be sent out hourly, daily or weekly, to fit the specific needs of the individual user.

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