Do you want to contribute to ownCloud and be part of our community?

If you already know your way and would like to contribute to the development of ownCloud Infinite Scale, for example, then just proceed to GitHub.
If you are new to our community then make sure to read our contribution guidelines.

Contribute to ownCloud and make an impact

ownCloud is an open-source product built on the contributions of many organizations around the world and a diverse community of contributors. Whatever your skill set, there are lots of ways how you can contribute:


ownCloud is used all over the world and in many different languages. If you speak more than one tongue, you can help by translating ownCloud and its documentation.

Spread the word

Talk about ownCloud. On your blog or face to face. Meet other ownClouders on local meetups or worldwide conferences. Tweet about it or share your know-how on YouTube. There is always need for word of mouth.


Share your knowlegde about ownCloud and make it easily accessible for anyone. Be it written documentation for server, client or mobile apps – any written, audio or video reference is helpful.


You know all hints on running owncloud, are familiar with different base systems like linux distributions, webservers, php versions, etc.? You might want to share your knowledge in our user forum.


The design group is focused on designing and developing the user interface. It’s a home for designers and UXers alike. There are regular discussions about mockups, design, and user testing.


Write an ownCloud App, or improve ownCloud server, desktop or mobile clients, or contribute to ownCloud Infinite Scale. You can easily find issues in GitHub or work on improvements and new features.

Thank you!

ownCloud Community

ownCloud is a great collaborative effort and we want to thank everyone who has participated so far. ownCloud wouldn’t be where it is today without the amazing contributions of many different people and organizations around the world. Thank you!

With the ownCloud Community Program we express our appreciation for the community and say ‘thank you’ to all all who contribute, be it developers, designers, translators, etc.

Included in this program are two initiatives – one for contributors in general and one for savvy tech professionals. No matter which field you are active in – we look forward to hearing from you! 



With these Guidelines, we wish to encourage widespread use of the ownCloud trademarks by the ownCloud community while managing that use to protect the distinctive value of the trademarks and avoid confusion on the part of ownCloud users and the general public.

ownCloud trademark logo white on blue backgroud
ownCloud code of conduct to contribute

Code of conduct

In the ownCloud community, participants from all over the world come together to create free software for a free internet. This is made possible by the support, hard work and enthusiasm of thousands of people, including those who create and use ownCloud software.


Report and submit issues. By following this link you will find detailed information where and how to submit bug reports. Thank you very much in advance for testing ownCloud and making it better every day!

App development guide

You want to develop an app for ownCloud? Great! Or you have an app idea and don‘t know where to start? See our app development guide!

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