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Make digital collaboration more efficient

ownCloud provides your staff with easy and secure digital collaboration through a wide range of tools and integrations.

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Trusted by 100 million users worldwide

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ownCloud makes the modern workplace more efficient, secure and sovereign.

On any device and in the browser.

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Be productive wherever you are

Find, edit and share documents on mobile devices, whether in the office, at home or on the go.

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Customizable to meet your requirements

Extend, adapt and adjust ownCloud to fit your needs. You can brand it, too.

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Work together in secure clouds

Seamlessly collaborate in real time, remote and platform-independent.

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Integrate your preferred browser-based Office Suite, whether that is Collabora Online, Microsoft Office Online or OnlyOffice.

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The first-ever production ready LibreOffice Online functionality, Collabora displays changes in real time and enables Virtual Data Rooms through its SecureView feature.

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Microsoft Office Online Server

Microsoft OOS delivers the Microsoft Office experience to on-premises deployments. It is the browser-based choice for customers who need a maximum both of security and compatibility.

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OnlyOffice is the open-source Office that best supports Microsoft Office files. It also excels at providing real multi-user collaborative editing.

Federated Cloud Sharing

Share files and folders with users of other ownClouds. Fit for multinational deployment.

Data Infrastructure Integration

With ownCloud, users have a single point of access to all of their unstructured data where permissions can be met and/or configured as a file, object store or user level. Files stored in data silos are made available within ownCloud securely and benefit from ownCloud’s feature portfolio.

Users can access company files on any device, anytime, from anywhere – completely managed, secured and controlled by IT. Data is kept where it is, while IT is able to manage sensitive information and business risk, leveraging existing data management, security, governance tools and processes.

Activity stream

Keep up with progress. See who did what in which file or folder.


Let users weigh in directly on files and folders.

Custom Groups

Let users create their own groups to quickly and easily share data with multiple people at once. It makes teamwork more efficient also lightens your admins workload.

File Drop Folders

Collect files in public upload-only folders. It is handy for bids, homework and feedback.

Guest Users

Let select external contacts login to access select files and folders, speeding up coordination.

Multi-factor authentication

Ask for two or more factors for login, such as passwords, one-time codes and biometrial data.

Public Link Sharing

Share files and folders with outside contacts, protected by passwords and expiry dates.

Secure View

Let users safely distribute confidential documents with maximum control.

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