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EU General Data Protection Regulation 

Is your filesharing solution GDPR-compliant?

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Why is the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) so important?

The GDPR is an EU regulation governing the processing of personal data by companies and public authorities. The regulation has been in force since May 25, 2016 and must be implemented by May 25, 2018. If companies fail to comply, fines of up to 20 million euros or 4% of the world‘s annual turnover are threatened.

GDPR affects all companies that process personal data. This includes, for example, names, customer data, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses or other data with which people can be identified.

Make your filesharing secure with ownCloud –and fully EU-GDPR compliant.

ownCloud offers you a secure file-sharing alternative to conventional public cloud offerings. Through on-premises installation and a variety of administration and security features, you not only gain full control of your data, but a truly private cloud for your business that is fully compliant with the EU-General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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ownCloud meets GDPR requirements:

Encryption of personal data

In order to ensure adequate protection, personal data should be encrypted. 

ownCloud provides client-side end-to-end encryption; server-side encryption with HSM support.

Integrity & resilience of the systems

File changes can be detected and verified, even under high load.

ownCloud offers multi-factor authentication;
permissions management; file firewall; audit log; file integrity check; authentication; document classification and policies

Availability & Access

Availability and access to data is always guaranteed.

ownCloud has integrated ransomware protection application; versioning with granular recovery functionality; high availability.


Transparency & Procedure

Transparent & comprehensible processing of data and procedures for evaluating the effectiveness of protective measures.

ownCloud comes with an auditing/logging module, transparent authorization management.

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