Why ownCloud?

Because you need a file manager for the cloud.


The file manager on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile is fine as long as you work alone with one device. But you probably need to let more people (or machines) access your files, edit them or add to them, in a controlled and safe yet also easy and convenient way.

ownCloud enables you to share and sync data and keep it safe at the same time, on all platforms. It controls and monitors access and enables collaboration across devices, teams and continents alike. Without risking data loss, theft or infringement on privacy regulation.

There are other content collaboration platforms out there, but none of them strike the balance between enhanced productivity and hardened security as well as ownCloud does. 

ownCloud is open source, so there are no backdoors, you can check. Unlike some competitors, ownCloud avoids feature creep and thus can competently support the whole product. With ownCloud, extra functionality is provided through API integration with fellow mature open-source software projects.

In a recent market overview of enterprise-grade content collaboration platforms, Gartner included ownCloud as the only open-source option.

Open ecosystem

For the greatest possible flexibility and integration into existing business processes

Open source

For the highest level of security and customizability

Designed for enterprises

Modern user experience, highly adaptable and easy to administer


Get in touch and learn more about ownCloud as a product and the manifold of custom developments we offer.

ownCloud Data protection and security whitepaper

Security is our highest priority

ownCloud comes equipped with various mechanisms to ensure data protection and secrecy. Learn how we are implementing additional security layers through encryption in our whitepaper.

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Our customers

Whether research, public institutions, heavy industry, finance or technology organization, more than 600 customers all over the world are improving productivity while staying safe with ownCloud.

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