Collaborate easier, safely

ownCloud is an open-source file sync, share and content collaboration software that lets teams work on data easily from anywhere, on any device.

open-source file sync, share and content collaboration with ownCloud
Improve collaboration within your organization with ownCloud

Improve collaboration within your organization

Unlock productivity gains through easy, flexible and secure sharing of files and folders. Save storage and bandwidth using the Virtual File System.

Be productive wherever you are

Find, edit and share documents on mobile devices, whether in the office, at home or on the go.

Be productive wherever you are with ownCloud

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Work together in secure clouds with ownCloud

Work together in secure clouds

Seamlessly collaborate in real time, remote and platform-independent.

Share data with external contacts

Safely involve contacts outside your organization with select files and folders.

Share data with external contacts with ownCloud
Keep your data safe with ownCloud

Keep it safe

Make files and folder accessible for legitimate use by eligible users while protecting them from anyone else.

Ensure compliance

State-of-the-Art remote collaboration that meets even the toughest regulations.

Ensure privacy-compliance with ownCloud
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Unburden the mail server thanks to file sharing via ownCloud

Unburden the mail server

Send links instead of attachments. It is safer and eases the load on the mail server.

Integrate and adapt to your requirements

Incorporate ownCloud seamlessly into your sovereign workspace. Leverage existing user directories. Extend, customize and adjust ownCloud to fit your needs. You can brand it, too.

ownCloud is adaptable to meet your requirements

On-Premises, Hybrid or in the Cloud. You decide.

In your datacenter

Having increased security and compliance requirements? Strike the balance between enhanced productivity and full control by creating a single point of access to your data on-premises using ownCloud. Easily integrate less sensitive data stored with cloud providers, creating a safe hybrid cloud.

In your cloud of choice

Managed Clouds offer efficiency and can reduce computing costs. ownCloud provides high standards of security through its architecture, policies and comprehensive safety features.

On our secure servers in Germany allows teams to easily share and collaborate on files seamlessly regardless of device or location, hosted single-tenancy on secure servers in Germany. Compliant with regulations such as GDPR.

All Features

ownCloud Comments


Let users respond directly on files and folders.

ownCloud Outlook Plugin

Outlook Plugin

Let users send emails where attachments are automagically stored in ownCloud. 

ownCloud External Storage

External Storage

Create a single point of access by mounting storage like S3, Dropbox, SharePoint and more.

ownCloud File Lifecycle Management

File Lifecycle

Archive and delete files that are past their due date to ensure data protection.

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