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Microsoft 365 Integration

Microsoft Office 365 integration ensures GDPR-compliance, a high level of data protection and the ability to collaborate on a familiar environment. 

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Key advantages of Microsoft 365 integration:      

  • Lets users continue using the Microsoft tools that they are familiar and comfortable with
  • Enables seamless digital collaboration both internally and externally
  • Ensures a high level of data security and protection, as documents are always stored on ownCloud
  • Ensures GDPR-compliance
  • Eliminates veritable threat to data sovereignty

The US Cloud Act demands that Office documents stored on a server of a US-registered server like Microsoft via Sharepoint or OneDrive need to be made available to the US government agencies as and when needed.

The Microsoft 365 integration was introduced to eliminate compliance issues arising out of the incompatibility between the US law (Cloud Act) and European law (GDPR), and to ensure that users can finally use Microsoft Office 365 while remaining GDPR compliant.

This is possible by storing the files on ownCloud and transfering them to a Microsoft Office 365 Online app only for viewing or editing purposes, at the end of which the files travel back to ownCloud storage.

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Integrate Microsoft 365 with ownCloud

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