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ownCloud Cloud For Education makes it easy for educational institutions around the world to transform into inclusive digital learning environments.

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Secure file sharing and content collaboration in our Cloud for Education

ownCloud enables users to collaborate while retaining digital sovereignty, empowering them to easily edit, share, and access files regardless of device or location. Tailored open-source solutions like ownCloud prevent backdoors or vendor lock-in.

Easy to use

The intuitive design of and consumer-grade ease of use let users start right away, on any device.

Low maintenance

Once set up, users can collaborate and create groups with no additional admin effort.


Students’ data are sensitive data. ownCloud is compliant with regulations such as GDPR.

Distance learning presents new challenges

in the cloud for education

Like numerous other workplaces, educational institutions around the world are facing many challenges in distance and hybrid learning environments, whether primary, secondary or post-secondary, vocational or academic. ownCloud helps bridge the technology gap by providing an open and secure file sharing platform and a secure cloud for education, fit for the needs of education providers.

ownCloud is easy

When it comes to learning and teaching, working together seamlessly and secure file sharing are key. ownCloud as a secure cloud for education can be deployed on-premises, on managed servers or as a hybrid solution. It delivers the ease-of-use of consumer-grade cloud solutions, but a lot more secure. Teachers and students can start using the cloud for education purposes directly without further training thanks to our easy-to-use interface and seamless adoption of existing user groups.

Our cloud for education is an innovative inclusive digital learning product that works across all devices and operating systems. This is why ownCloud is the file platform of choice for many universities around the world.

ownCloud is secure

A cloud for education should not create security issues. ownCloud conforms to the highest security standards to keep valuable research and sensitive student data safe. The ownCloud open-source collaboration platform enables sovereign workspaces for students and faculty that help to avoid shadow IT and meet even the toughest regulations.

ownCloud scales

Collaboration in education is part of the ownCloud DNA. Users can start collaborating on our cloud for education and carry out file sharing right away without installing any further software. Universities and research institutions around the globe vote for ownCloud as the best cloud for education to make large amounts of files of unlimited size accessible to large amounts of users – starting from only 1.85€ per user per year.

We offer special prices for educational institutions.

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ownCloud Comments

Provide efficient file sharing and collaboration

  • Ensure trustworthy academic workspace through access logs
  • Enable effortless collaboration and file sharing in the cloud for education
  • Strengthen ties between students and teachers outside the classroom
  • Let teachers assign lessons as files
  • Let students upload their homework using a file drop folder
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Reduce admin effort

  • Handle large amounts of data with low maintenance
  • Enable low effort onboarding with single sign-on using existing Identity Providers
  • Let teachers create Custom Groups without involving admins
  • Scale class size on demand
  • Optionally create Guest User accounts for students (they don’t require a license)
  • Scale easily from 10 students to 10,000
  • Integrate third-party apps
ownCloud External Storage

Works on any device

  • Give students from any background equal opportunities to succeed
  • Create an inclusive learning environment on any device
  • Make remote learning easier
  • Expand the audience for your educational offerings

To get to grips with remote education fast, Schools should draw on solutions that are already working. Existing open-source platforms offer proven performance and functionality. They also have a track record of evolving to meet changing requirements.

Christian Schmitz

CISO ownCloud, Consultant for large deployments in the educational sector

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Educational institutions around the world trust ownCloud

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