Secure file sharing and storage

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secure file sharing and storage
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ownCloud enables users to collaborate online while retaining digital sovereignty, empowering them to easily edit, share, and access files regardless of device or location. Tailored open-source solutions, prevent backdoors or vendor lock-in. This is enterprise-ready secure file sharing and storage from ownCloud.

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Securing our file sharing environment was our number one priority, but it couldn’t come at the expense of poor user experience. ownCloud delivered on security and ease of use. It was everything we needed in one solution

Monir Zouaoui

IT administrator, Stuttgarter Lebensversicherung A.G.

Learn what our secure file sharing and storage has to offer

On-Premises: Available in your own datacenter

ownCloud can be deployed and run in your data center; managed by you, to your policies, following your procedures. Encryption at rest secures your files on the server.

With ownCloud, you are able to maintain full control over all of your company’s confidential documents, knowing exactly where the data is at all times and deciding who may or may not have access.

360° Integration: Web, Desktop, Mobile

ownCloud is not only accessible via the web interface but can also be seamlessly integrated into existing workflows on all devices: ownCloud has a desktop app for Windows, MacOS and Linux with a virtual file system and integration into the File Explorer / Finder. Via mobile apps for Android, iPhone and iPad, access to documents and data is secured even when on the move.

Just like the web interface, the mobile apps can also be adapted to your company’s corporate design.

Corporate Branding

ownCloud enables you to deliver a consistent custom look and feel across all user interfaces including desktop, mobile and web.

Our service easily lets you create your own branded Android and iOS ownCloud sync apps, your own branded ownCloud desktop sync client, and your own branded web interface.

We provide an app (ownBrander) for this in the ownCloud ecosystem with which changes can be implemented with a few simple clicks. Alternatively, we also offer whitelabeling and customization as individual development.

Additional security integrations

ownCloud offers many more layers of security beyond the storage of documents on your own server infrastructure:

2-factor-authentification, Ransomware protection, End-to-End encryption, Firewall

Multilanguage: Available in more than 100 languages

ownCloud is available in many languages, and translations are constantly being both extended and improved.

In normal cases, ownCloud will automatically detect the language of the Web interface. If you want to make sure that ownCloud always starts with a given language, you can set a default language within your configuration.

Document editing: Built-in collaboration suite

The partnership with Collabora and ONLYOFFICE provides collaborating editing functions for text documents, spreadsheets and presentations inside ownCloud for improved productivity.

Users can access their documents within the ownCloud web frontend, author new content, share their work and collaboratively work on the same document with others. Collaborators of that document are able to see changes in real time and to take over editing from another user.

Seamless workflow

Activity logging, Comments, Document classification, Secure View

The workflow around storing, sharing and editing documents and files becomes seamlessly productive with ownCloud: For each file you can see when it was created and with whom it was shared. Comments allow feedback directly at the source of the file. Document classification and Secure View prevent documents from falling into the wrong hands: In Secure View mode, a digital watermark is added to the document and it can neither be downloaded nor printed.

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