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ownCloud enables users to collaborate while retaining digital sovereignty, empowering them to easily edit, share, and access files regardless of device or location. Tailored open-source solutions, prevent backdoors or vendor lock-in.

Using Secure View, documents of all common Office formats* and PDF can be provided with comprehensive restrictions.

  • Watermarking
    Each document is automatically secured with an individual watermark
  • No editing
    Documents can only be read and cannot be changed
  • No copying
    Contents cannot be extracted by copy/paste
  • No downloading
    It is not possible to download the document
  • Documents stay in your data center
    The content of the document is sent as a stream to the recipient’s browser
  • Optional: Print/export to PDF including the watermarks
    If desired, the recipient can be allowed to download the document (including watermark)

*OpenXML (.docx, .pptx, docx), PDF, ODF (.odt, .ods, .odp) and other formats supported by Collabora Online

secure view protected device

Unmatched security with ownCloud Secure View

The Secure View restrictions prevent the recipient of a file from editing or downloading it, copying/inserting content and from printing the document (can be allowed, if needed). Additional to that, every document has a watermark embedded that displays individual user information. This ensures that it is always possible to draw conclusions about the person who passed on the document (without permission) – even when taking a screenshot or photo.

Unlike competitive, we do more than just hide the download in the user interface, while leaving your documents vulnerable to downloading via desktop client, mobile apps, API, or deep links. We guarantee this functionality and back it up with our Security Bug Bounty Program. Additionally, the document isn’t sent to your browser, it stays on the server with a stream of the document sent to your browser for viewing only.

The protected document itself never leaves the server.

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