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Private cloud storage for your data

ownCloud customers often have increased security and compliance requirements. We support your organization in protecting sensitive files from unauthorized access and the risk of espionage.

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Trusted by 100 million users worldwide

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Prevent backdoors or vendor lock-in

ownCloud enables users to collaborate while retaining digital sovereignty, empowering them to easily edit, share, and access files regardless of device or location. Tailored open-source solutions, prevent backdoors or vendor lock-in.

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Gain Flexibility

Many IT departments prefer a filesharing solution which enable complete control and flexibility, which only a solution in their own data center can provide. Organizations that store data on their own servers can define access restrictions, such as “no access from certain countries” or “access only from the company VPN”.

ownCloud was designed from the ground up to interoperate seamlessly in a heterogeneous ecosystem of applications, tools and utilities—whether onsite, cloud or hybrid.

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Avoid Vendor Lock-In

Vendors go out of business, are acquired by competitors, change their business strategies and raise their prices. If for whatever reason, you decide to change your business processes, your ability to do so may be significantly hindered by vendor lock-in. You may be unable to make a change, even if your provider suffers security breaches, gaps in availability or aggressive pricing changes. On the other hand, with ownCloud you have the flexibility to choose the storage that works for you and the control and access you need.

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Be in Control

On-premises storage – and integrated on-premises file sync and share software – is the best way to keep your data safe. ownCloud lets you leverage your existing security infrastructure, integrate easily with your existing toolswhile you stay in control of your data. You don’t need to reinvent your security policies and governance processes – they simply function within your established framework. And when your data requirements expand, you have the ability to securely scale with them..

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Easy Integration

File sync and share is quickly becoming a cornerstone IT service, providing a vastly improved way to access, sync, and share information across devices. By its nature, however, file sharing solutions must connect to many user-facing applications and, ideally, integrate with your existing technology stack. ownCloud was designed from the ground up to interoperate seamlessly in an ecosystem of applications, tools and utilities. While end-users rave about ownCloud’s ease of use, IT values how ownCloud integrates with the existing technology stack. And ownCloud’s published APIs, mobile libraries and open standards deliver an infinitely extendable file sharing foundation for the enterprise.

Enjoy the benefits of both worlds with ownCloud—Comfort of a Public Cloud AND Security of a Private Cloud Security. Keep IT in control with ownCloud!

Private cloud storage as secure file platform

ownCloud is the choice of organizations across the globe as they look to share files securely, enable access to unstructured data through a single plane.

Our pilot service with ownCloud meets the users’ requirements for platform integration, usability and ease of access. Therefore we are currently scaling up the pilot service to expose it to a larger user community. The open-source aspect of ownCloud is the key element for future integration and extension in our environment. We see a potential for the ownCloud platform to evolve from a system focused on handling document files into a system for handling scientific datasets on a larger scale.

Dr. Jakub T. Moscicki

IT Data Storage Services, CERN

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