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Better user experience for Spaces on mobile, filters and improved batch jobs in admin GUI

The second sprint of February significantly improved the mobile apps of ownCloud Infinite Scale and the way they handle Spaces. Moreover, the Administration UI in the web interface underwent significant changes that would make the administrators' lives easier.
ownCloud secure cloud solution for filesharing

In the most recent ownCloud development sprint, the Android app of ownCloud received a completely new bottom bar with a „Shares“ Tab (see image below). This tab directly leads to the files shared with the user by others. Please note that this feature is available only for new accounts; old accounts will still see the old bar. Apart from that, the developers improved the handling of Spaces. The Move and Copy files enable users to move and copy files in the android app.

New filters with batch processing in Infinite Scale user, group and role management

Meanwhile, the user management of Infinite Scale received a new filter feature. Administrators can now select multiple users based on patterns they enter in a filter field. The example in figure 1 shows how an admin could choose two accounts and then change some settings only for those, for example, change the quota for all selected users. The „filter“ feature is available for users, groups and roles.


Figure 1: Combining the new filter feature with multiple selection and batch processing user data in Infinite Scale

Apart from that, ownCloud developers added the option to change/edit the user name and a feature to disable (or enable) a user and quota management – all of which can now also be done via batch processing.

Latest version of Infinite Scale

Figure 2: In the latest versions of ownCloud Infinite Scale, users can change their user name, and admins can deactivate (and activate) accounts.

Last but not the least, developers optimized the web client’s context menu placement on smaller screens, ran some tests with custom roles for a school project and reported a significant improvement in performance. A separate command line benchmark tool shows the benefit when authenticating with OpenID. Current versions include Elastic Search 2.3.0, the Android App has reached version 3.0.3 in Google Play Store, the desktop app is now available as 3.2.0 (Stable) or 3.2.1 (Branded). The current iOS app is now 11.11.1.

Markus Feilner

März 9, 2023

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