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Infinite Scale  – Functions and Features

Infinite Scale is a complete modernization of ownCloud 10 with a new and modern 3-tier architecture and many improvements for users and administrators. It’s compatible with ownCloud 10, shares its core features and adds both speed, efficiency, scalability and extended functionality. As a multi-cloud and multi-purpose platform, it helps companies and organizations control, manage and secure data. On top of that, the new version also brings lots of usability improvements in link and file sharing and allows working in Spaces – a completely new collaboration concept for productively and person-independent working of with files.

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ownCloud Spaces

Improve your Workflows and Collaboration with Spaces

Spaces as one elementary feature of Infinite Scale will boost your collaboration, save money and significantly reduce administrative overhead while improving compliance, control and security. Spaces are as simple as folders, but extremely powerful and flexible data rooms (vaults) for project and team collaboration. In Spaces, your files are not tied to single user or group accounts anymore. Spaces will significantly reduce the workload of your administrators, increase the performance and continuity of your teams and speed up the onboarding of new employees or partners, both internal and external. At the same time Spaces can simplify your data store, help protect your company, organization or institution from data loss and increase your compliance, workflows and many more. This fundamental shift of paradigm only becomes possible because of the completely new architecture under the hood of Infinite Scale.

Increase Efficiency, Usability and Reduce Cost

As its name says, Infinite Scale brings flexibility in classical or federated network setups to new levels, allowing infinite scalability, integrating data fabrics, networks and clouds of all sizes. The new cloud-native approach with Go, Microservices and a new vue.js webinterface helps reduce cost for both deployment and maintenance, while at the same time allowing the integration of any kind of data sources of any size and distribution. Users enjoy concepts like spaces for sharing data and collaboration in new and visionary ways, while always being in full control over links and files they share and shared, both in on-premises, hybrid or public cloud scenarios.

A Focus on Users and Metadata

With Infinite Scale, the consumer is taking over the central role – which is exactly what Infinite Scale is addressing. As a cloud-native platform, its modern architecture serves this new data consumption model by providing Data Management as a Service (DMaaS) with a unified access to data through APIs across all your data silos, with multiple, individual storage backends if needed. Infinite Scale is designed to connect these storage backends and provides a unifi ed data access layer on top of the storage. This allows to consolidate any existing data (silos) sources, thus securing customers previously made investments into data repositories.

Key Values of Infinite Scale

Infinite Scale is flexible, transparent, fast, enterprise grade and easy to use. As the number one plattform for secure file and collaboration sharing, it …


  •  Gives your users a modern and fast interface to work with Unified Data Access across all your silos.
  • Allows advanced collaboration thanks to new features like Spaces. Your users can keep working in and with the Office files they are used to and benefit from deep integration with advanced features for sharing and linking to files.
  • Gives your users three web office integrations to choose from (Collabora Online / OnlyOffice / MS Office Online).
  • Integrates with common digital workplace collaboration tools from groupware to workstream collaboration, including e.g. MS Exchange or Teams.
  • Supports native ownCloud clients for desktop and mobile.
  • Increases your data security: Infinte Scale has precise roles, version control
    and a trashbin securing access and integrity of your data and with automatic,
    asynchronous security checks (for viruses and other security policies). Your users can work more secure and compliant without even noticing.
  • Allows auditing, branding and individual extensions.
  • Works seamlessly with encrypted storages.
  • Is perfect for environments with strong requirements in terms of compliance or security (in industry, research, critical infrastructure and wherever data privacy is involved), because rules and actions can
    be inforced on the data layer, without user involvement.
  • Is designed to connect multiple storage backends and provide a unified data access layer on top of the storage.
  • Brings frameworks for event management, logging, monitoring, reporting and more.
  • Manages your users, single-sign-on with full and native Open ID Connect (OIDC) integration.
  • Brings a new role and permissions system for users that allows to differentiate users with different kinds of administrative roles or different kinds of regular users (guest, project lead, etc.).

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Infinite Scale is what you need because it is

  • Fast
  • Flexible
  • Energy Efficient
  • Transparent
  • Secure
  • Scalable
  • Enterprise Grade and
  • bringing you new and visionary methods
    of collaboration and file sharing.

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