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The open platform for all your data

Infinite Scale is a multi-purpose Data Platform with a focus on performance, scalability, security and governance. It helps organizations to bring data under control while significantly reducing complexity and cost to manage data. Infinite Scale aims to provide a foundational layer to work with data as well as to leverage its inherent value. It is a standalone, customizable platform and the foundation for many solutions in which data access with compliancesovereignty and security requirements play a key role.

The Infinite Scale Platform:
Create your Data Ecosystem!

Infinite Scale is by design a Data Platform that enables corporations and organizations to build their own Sovereign Cloud Data Ecosystem addressing all data-related use cases. It helps to use resources efficiently and save costs, to operate sustainably by responding flexibly to future requirements, and sets the ground for strategic and sovereign data management.

Infinite Scale unites various distributed, hybrid data sources and offers a unified, secure access layer for data governance while simultaneously providing tools for end users like Content Collaboration – regardless of location or device. End users can be productive, IT departments gain back control and organizations have the means to govern data effectively as well as to turn it into actual value.

ownCloud InfiniteScale

Multi-Purpose by Design

A new approch to Data Management

At the heart, Infinite Scale is a Data Platform that integrates storages, identity & access management and further infrastructure components and provides capabilities to ingest, integrate, organize, share and govern data and metadata.

It allows to

  • integrate distributed data sources into one sovereign cloud data ecosystem
  • provide a unified data access layer across all data
  • merge on-premises and cloud operated environments into one user experience

Administration & Operations

Easy Deployment & Maintenance

Designed for simplicity, performance and scalability, Infinite Scale runs out-of-the-box without any external dependencies such as a database or a web server. Deploy flexibly to choose the desired level of data sovereignty and get it running in less than 5 minutes.

Scalability & Performance

Built on cloud-native principles, Infinite Scale’s microservice architecture perfectly suits modern deployment practices and enables seamless scaling from small home user installations to geo-distributed, multi-national enterprise environments.

Roles & Permissions

Define user roles based on permissions to create a segregation of duties in administration as well as to distinguish user types.

By integrating or extending the platform’s core features with applications serving specific business fields or end-user facing use cases, Infinite Scale can be tailored to solve specific solution requirements. In times of working remotely most prominently Content Collaboration and Digital Workplace requirements, but also integration of metadata management and business workflows or – generally spoken – Content Service requirements. Incubating the idea of an open platform, additional and complementary applications shall be made available from the ownCloud community and commercial partners based on Infinite Scale’s open APIs and extension system going forward. As the interface to end users, the Infinite Scale platform comes with the all-new web interface ownCloud Web and supports the native ownCloud Clients for desktop and mobile.

Infinite Scale for Content Collaboration

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Sync & Share

All the basics for digital file collaboration at hand. File management, search, sync, sharing data with users or by link – Infinite Scale has got you covered.

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Web Office

Collaborative editing integrations with ONLYOFFICE, Collabora Online, Microsoft Office Online and Microsoft 365 are available. Full automatic file locking capabilities ensure a well-organized collaboration experience.

ownCloud External Storage


A new paradigm for collaboration on files. Simple as folders, yet powerful and flexible data rooms (vaults) for project and team collaboration.

Infinite Scale as a Data Platform

ownCloud External Storage

Multi Storage

Connect as many storage backends as you like. Each is treated as a first class citizen in the world of Infinite Scale.

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Unified Data Access

Get back control by combining multiple storage backends into one cloud data ecosystem with a web frontend and native clients.

Integrate existing data (silos) sources, and bring them back into use by making them easily accessible to stakeholders/users at any time from anywhere. This significantly increases work efficiency at user level, while maintaining corporate compliance requirements (privacy-, security- and business process requirements) for data access.

ownCloud Advanced Security


Secure by design, Infinite Scale incorporates best practices and well-established standards. It follows a 3-tier architecture that separates storage, backend & frontend components which communicate only via secure, well-defined APIs. User authentication and authorization takes place via OpenID Connect integrating specialized identity provider products.

Infinite Scale for Home & Family

ownCloud External Storage

Privacy by Design

Save your most vealuable data in a secure environment 100% under your control. Share your kid’s wedding pics with the family or save your most personal files (contracts, taxes, etc.) in your private cloud. Infinite Scale keeps your data safe at all times.

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Mobile all the way

Infinite Scale provides access to your data no matter where – regardless of location or device with our desktop client or the clients for Android and iOS. By the way: you can sync your client data at the same time which gives you a reliable and private backup of your client data at all times.

ownCloud Advanced Security

Easy Setup

Infinite Scale was designed with a simplicity first approach. No need for a database, you can run it on your local NAS or just a Raspberry Pi. Getting started takes about five minutes, just check our recommendations here:

Here are some useful FAQs we came across every now and then:

Is Infinite Scale Open-Source?

Infinite Scale’s core will be published as 100% Open-Source with general availability later this year. The existing code of the Beta Version is already available 100% Open-Source. Service subscriptions with Professional Support, Migration Consulting & Services as well as training and Managed Services will be available with general availability.

What happens to ownCloud 10?

Infinite Scale is not a new version or successor product of ownCloud 10. It is a new, standalone platform with different properties, features, strategy and roadmap going forward. It has been implemented with a data platform approach in mind – that’s the most essential difference to ownCloud 10, which is an end-user focused solution for Secure Content Collaboration & Secure Filesharing. 

Depending on the use-case in your organization, migrating to Infinite Scale may be useful, e.g. to benefit from new collaboration features like Spaces in Infinite Scale. For others, you may want to stay with ownCloud 10. Please reach out to our team and we’ll find the right strategic approach to meet your needs perfectly.

Can I migrate to Infinite Scale?

Migration steps from ownCloud 10 to Infinite Scale are available. If a migration makes sense or not depends on a couple of parameters. One key element to consider is the use case you have. With general availability (official release) of ownCloud Infinite Scale it might already make sense to consider to shift regular EFSS use cases and collaborative editing use cases to ownCloud Infinite Scale. Still, features are being added so that more and more use cases can be served. From general availability onwards, missing features, frameworks and 3rd party integrations will be added with each upcoming release.

Infinite Scale has a great Web UI. Can I have it for ownCloud 10?

For today’s ownCloud 10 users, Infinite Scale introduces ownCloud Web, a fresh and modern web interface for ownCloud. ownCloud Web can be used as a supplement to the Classic UI or as a standalone web interface for ownCloud 10. This allows both products to co-exist in an environment and to prepare for a migration with ownCloud Web as the common user interface which is transparent to end users.

What should I do with my existing ownCloud 10 instance?

Existing ownCloud 10 installations can – but don’t have to – be gradually replaced by Infinite Scale. Furthermore Infinite Scale and ownCloud 10 can co-exist in an organization’s environment and complement each other. For example, Content Collaboration requirements can still be comprehensively served with ownCloud 10, while data rooms or data vaults can be provided in parallel via Infinite Scale Spaces functionality. Leveraging ownCloud Web allows productive work in such a hybrid setup, in a way that end users do not even realize whether ownCloud 10 or Infinite Scale is already running in the background – after all, what counts for the user is being able to work efficiently, not technology.

Latest News on Infinite Scale

Infinite Scale Spaces: A Quantum Leap for Enterprise Collaboration

Infinite Scale Spaces: A Quantum Leap for Enterprise Collaboration

Senior Product Manager Patrick Maier explains how Spaces comes as nothing less than a revolutionary new way of collaboration in modern companies, institutions or organizations. As an elementary feature of ownCloud Infinite Scale, the new cloud-native platform from ownCloud, Spaces boost collaboration, save money and significantly reduce administrative overhead while improving compliance, control and security.

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Welcome to the Infinite Scale Beta!

Welcome to the Infinite Scale Beta!

What a moment for ownCloud and our community! The very first beta version of Infinite Scale, the new cloud-native data platform developed by ownCloud, is available as of today!

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Join our Inifinite Scale Beta Program

Infinite Scale has reached Beta Status in May 2022

We are so excited that Infinite Scale, the new cloud-native Data Platform developed by ownCloud, has reached Beta Status in May 2022. What exactly does that mean? You can now expect new Beta releases every two weeks, fixing bugs and implementing further improvements in terms of stability and performance. We have also reached feature freeze in our development, so that the features you can discover during Beta will be those available with the general availability launch later this year. And here we go: Most importantly, you can now join our Infinite Scale Beta Program and discover the technology from scratch – get in touch with our community and get familiar with Inifnite Scale right from the start!

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