ownCloud Infinite Scale

Discover the new generation file platform!


It’s easy

As a fully platform-independent file platform, ownCloud Infinite Scale is super easy to set up and language-agnostic for extensions. It only takes three terminal commands to get ownCloud Infinite Scale up and running.

It’s secure

Its three-tier architecture means backend, storage and frontend only interact through APIs, making ownCloud Infinite Scale much more secure.

It scales

Database-less and multithreading, ownCloud Infinite Scale is already 10 times faster as the classic ownCloud. No matter whether on a Raspberry Pi in your basement or in a geo-distributed set-up for 100,000 users, with millions of small files or thousands with hundreds of GB each, ownCloud Infinite Scale runs smoothly.

Current release


ownCloud Infinite Scale is currently available as Tech Preview. Give it a test drive, we are first and foremost looking for issues with the software and holes in its documentation. Please contribute bugs on GitHub, our official issue tracker. For discussions and exchange, please use ownCloud Central!

Download and install

Getting started with ownCloud Infinite Scale is pretty straightforward. It only takes three terminal commands: Curl-ing the package, making it executable and running it.


Until the first release of ownCloud Infinite Scale for productive use, the ownCloud developers will focus on improving stability, the feature set and documentation.

What is ownCloud Infinite Scale?

Our goal in developing our new ownCloud is infinite scale, hence the name. Infinite scale means an infinite number of files, users and machines as well as infinite file sizes. We write it in Go, making ownCloud platform independent. ownCloud Infinite Scale neither requires Apache nor any PHP infrastructure, becoming the most easy-to-use and most easy-to-deploy ownCloud ever. It is open source of course, licensed under Apache 2.0. We use microservices and a three-tier architecture, making ownCloud a secure cloud native solution to file access requirements. Some globally well-known research institutions are involved in the creation of ownCloud Infinite Scale, making sure it extends their capabilities as it will yours by delivering unparalleled scale.

New ownCloud interface: ownCloud Web

Getting involved

Discussion and hanging out

To ask questions about ownCloud Infinite Scale, discuss ideas or just to hang out with cool developers, we have an open RocketChat that can be found here.  Every friendly, open and constructive person is very welcome to join.
Note: The majority of the ownCloud developers is based in Europe, just if you wonder about timezones.

Fork and patch

If you want to set up an development environment, it is very easy! Refer to our development guides to get started and have fun! The ownCloud Infinite Scale project is living on ownCloud’s GitHub page. We are happy to receive your pull requests following the GitHub Standard Fork & Pull Request Workflow. Please make sure to read the how-to-contribute guidelines and keep an eye on the code of conduct for the ownCloud community.

Bug reports and enhancement requests

To report about bugs and enhance requests please use the GitHub issue tracker. Please make sure to check if a bug was already reported before posting a new one.


If you find something to improve in the documentations, just file a pull request and we will happily merge it.


oCIS is, as the ownCloud 10 codebase as well, translated by community efforts on the Transifex Platform. You can support us and add strings in your language.

News on ownCloud Infinite Scale

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