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Ready-made ownCloud Enterprise demo-setup. You can log in and experience a fully equipped ownCloud environment. Upload a sample file, check-out the sharing mechanism or test our office integrations with Collabora Online.

Caution: Do not upload confidential or personal data. Others can see your uploaded files and all data gets deleted every night at 11.30pm.

  • Instant browser demo
  • No installation needed
  • Test drive all available Enterprise features
  • See for yourself what people mean when they refer to ownCloud’s nice UI, frictionless usability and great user experience
  • Ideal for a quick effortless test-drive before installing your 30-day Enterprise trial

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The ownCloud Enterprise online Demo

The ownCloud Enterprise online demo in action

Log-in, click your way through all our features and get a first impression of ownCloud’s Enterprise Edition.

How does it work?

  1. After you filled out the form, you will be redirected to our demo system
  2. Please use the login credentials shown on the screen to login
  3. Please do not upload any sensitive data. Other users can see your uploaded files

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