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Spaces: Boosting digital collaboration for remote teams of all sizes

Whether SME, large company, association or educational institution: digital collaboration poses new challenges, especially in remote teams. Spaces significantly simplifies digital collaboration with a revolutionary technical approach and optimized user experience.

Spaces is an elementary feature of Infinite Scale, the new cloud-native data platform from ownCloud. Already based on the new user interface, Spaces represents a new paradigm in digital team collaboration. From now on, each project team or even each project and sub-project can create its own “Space” to work remotely and synchronously on all documents.

Two aspects are particularly important: Users can create Spaces themselves without having to open a support ticket. This not only reduces the administrative effort, but also ensures better acceptance of digital collaboration among employees. Second, the Space itself obtains data ownership of all documents made available there. In concrete terms, this means that if an employee leaves the team or even the organization and their account is deleted, all documents in the Space remain unchanged and can continue to be used by the other members of the Space.

But that’s not all: each user has his or her own “recycle bin” into which files that are no longer needed can be moved. There they remain retrievable for 30 days (without a backup ticket with the admins) and do not “clog up” the digital workflows on the files that are actually needed on a daily basis.   

When technology can’t keep up, collaboration becomes inefficient

With traditional digital collaboration tools, such as Microsoft Teams, data ownership is always tied to a specific user. Experience shows that this is a big problem, especially in digital collaboration in distributed teams. In the course of a project, the composition of the project team almost always changes – which, based on the “old” technology, almost inevitably leads to either data loss or a great deal of work for the admins, who then have to make certain files accessible to the team again from the backup of a deleted user account – if the organization even has a backup for Microsoft 365, for example.

Infinite Scale’s revolutionary approach with the new Spaces feature addresses the core of the problem.

Spaces boosts seamless digital collaboration 

By giving the Space itself full data ownership, files of any kind are no longer tied to individual user accounts and are thus per se always and continuously available to all members of a project space. Based on a completely new architecture for the Infinite Scale Platform, cloud-native and based on micro services, we can offer our users a real quantum leap in digital collaboration in teams with the Spaces feature, while at the same time drastically reducing ticket volumes for IT support!

“The Spaces feature of our Infinite Scale platform follows a new paradigm that finally focuses on the real needs of collaboration in the digital age – leaving old technical hurdles behind.” Patrick Maier, Senior Product Manager, ownCloud GmbH

If you would like to try out Spaces and the new features for yourself, you can already participate in our Infinite Scale Beta Program, request a demo with an ownCloud expert, or even, for the technically inclined, request a free Infinite Scale trial instance. We look forward to hearing from you and your feedback!

Spaces for collaboration: Interface

The interface for Spaces. Users can easily create folders and upload files for smooth collaboration.


Anwesha Ray

July 5, 2022

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